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Temtem's Cipanku Island Update Now Available On Steam And PS5
Game developer Crema and publisher Humble Games have released an all-new update for their monster-taming game Temtem! In the update, monster tamers have the option to explore Cipanku Island and visit the first Mythic Lair in the game. A screenshot of gameplay from Temtem's Cipanku Island Mythic Lair update Image attributed to developer Crema and publisher Humble[...]
Crema Comes to ComiXology from Johnnie Christmas and Dante Luiz
Take the one thing people fear the most, death, and pair it with the one thing we need the most, love, and you have a powerful backdrop for a story. Crema, a forthcoming original graphic novel from ComiXology Originals, is such a tale #1 New York Times bestselling writer Johnnie Christmas is joined by artist Dante[...]