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Secrets Of The Crime Syndicate
It's now confirmed the Crime Syndicate Of America are coming to Trinity War and Forever Evil And they've been coming for some time. Bleeding Cool first told you one of them would be Deathstorm, a counter to Firestorm But who, on Earth 3, is he? Geoff Johns told IGN that he'd be; "a scientist who's been merged[...]
Spotting The CSA In Forever Evil #1
So what did we learn from the Forever Evil #1 preview? A flying/superstrong woman with heels and a cape… and two flying men descending from the sky to break out Black Manta, one with a green ring, the other looking a lot like Black Lantern Firestorm? Heavy on the silhouettes, this appears to be more evidence[...]
Did Man Of Steel Alter The End Of Justice League #22
Oh and the fellow in question? Respectfully, etc etc… Oh and regarding the names of the upcoming Crime Syndicate Of America? Justice League Of America #4 is published on Wednesday… Much has been made of the end of Justice League #22 So, you know, spoilers Also spoilers for Man Of Steel. Because we saw Superman burn off Doctor Light's[...]
So What Crime Syndicate Of America Will We Be Getting?
And will they be unveiled at San Diego Comic Con? There are the five members of the Crime Syndicate Of America headlining the Forever Evil series, that you know. Johnny Quick to counter The Flash Power Ring (via Volthoom) to counter Green Lantern Superwoman to counter Wonder Woman Ultraman to counter Superman Owlman to counter Batman. And there are four more. Sea King [...]