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Cris Tales Adds New Free Update With Tons Of Content
Modus Games has released a brand new free update for their turn-based JRPG Cris Tales that adds a ton of content for the game Among the new features include a brand new expansion to the story which includes side quests and a new dungeon, as well as a brand new character to play as in[...]
Cris Tales Receives New Cinematic Trailer Ahead Of Launch
Modus Games has released one more trailer for Cris Tales as we get one more look at the game before it will be released in July We've quietly been in love with this game ever since it was revealed last year, as it looks and feels like a lot of old-school RPG/JRPG titles that came[...]
Cris Tales Shows Off A Character Trailer Ahead Of July Release
Modus Games has revealed a new character trailer for Cris Tales as they show off more of the game before it comes out in July This particular set of characters are an array of the allies that the main protagonist Crisbell will encounter on her journey across different periods in time Crisbell, if you're not[...]
Cris Tales Launch Has Now Been Pushed To July 2021
Modus Games revealed this morning that the release of Cris Tales has now officially been pushed back to July 2021 The game has received a lot of attention for its awesome art style and the gameplay that we've seen so far, but it seems the COVID-19 pandemic has hampered progress by the company to get[...]
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Modus Games revealed this week that they will be releasing a Collector's Edition of Cris Tales after the game officially comes out You can currently pre-order it through Maximum Games' website for all three major consoles and PC, depending on what you're looking for, being sold for $100 on all formats This is going to[...]
The PC Gaming Show Threw In An Indie Showcase
Modus Games released a new video today for Cris Tales as we get a better look at the gameplay for their upcoming RPG We've been looking forward to this game since it was introduced to everyone over the summer, but sadly had to suffer through the news during the Fall that the game was being[...]
The PC Gaming Show Threw In An Indie Showcase
Modus Games announced this morning that their upcoming game Cris Tales has now officially been delayed until 2021 The company revealed the news on its website along with a personal message to the fans about the game's development The game was due to be released on November 17th, now the developers are aiming for sometime[...]
Modus Games Reveals Cris Tales Will Be Released This Fall
Modus Games revealed a brand new trailer for Cris Tales during Gamescom 2020, along with the news that it will be released this Fall This was one of the more interesting titles we saw over the summer as it combined elements of several different RPG titles into a fun looking animated game Now we know[...]
The PC Gaming Show Threw In An Indie Showcase
Those games include Shadows Of Doubt, The Forgotten City, Paradise Killer, Haven, Cartel Tycoon, Trash Sailors, Cris Tales, and Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms You can check out descriptions for all of them below as well as see the complete showcase video from the PC Gaming Show. Cris Tales was one of the many[...]