Cris Tales Will Be Receiving A Limited Collector's Edition

Modus Games revealed this week that they will be releasing a Collector's Edition of Cris Tales after the game officially comes out. You can currently pre-order it through Maximum Games' website for all three major consoles and PC, depending on what you're looking for, being sold for $100 on all formats. This is going to be a limited run with only a set number made for each, so once they're sold out, they are gone. Each one of them will include a collector's box, an adorable Matias plush, several lithographic art prints, 3 character stickers, a set of 4 enamel character pins, a 60-page artbook, 4 desktop wallpaper downloads, 8 phone wallpaper downloads, and 10 character avatars. They haven't confirmed when the boxes will ship yet, only that they will be sent out sometime in the Spring of 2021. Since we're still sitting around waiting on an official release date of the game itself, who knows when that date will actually come to fruition.

A look at the Collector's Edition of Cris Tales, courtesy of Modus Games.
A look at the Collector's Edition of Cris Tales, courtesy of Modus Games.

Cris Tales is a JRPG where players can fight and explore across the past, present, and future simultaneously. Strategic use of these eras grants massive in-battle advantages, and the effects of decisions make ripples across a striking, hand-drawn 2D world, giving players true agency over their story and the ending they earn.Today's gameplay video joins protagonist Crisbell as she discovers her incredible ability to observe and manipulate past and future visions of her surroundings at any time. With a little help from her dapper amphibian ally, Crisbell's power can be used to shape a brighter future, changing both the lives of those around her and the wider world. The video closes with a first look at the game's Synchro system in combat which allows team members to combine their skills for powerful results.

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