Burnout Developer's Untitled Game Has Been Cancelled

Back at E3 2014, Criterion announced an untitled project that was going to have a ton of vehicles and something to do with online extreme sports. It was all a little undefined and odd, but had potential. Well, I hope you weren't excited about it as the game has now been cancelled and the developer […]

Now Is The Time To Buy Criterion's Brilliant Blu-Ray Of The Original Godzilla

Ishiro Honda's original Godzilla is a very deserving addition to the Criterion collection, and they've done it proud with their Blu-ray release. The set includes the "director's cut" as well as the 1956 US version, re-editing lots of the same footage with new scenes featuring Raymond Burr. Amongst the supplements are a pair of commentary […]

Dear Sid Sheinberg, When Are You Going To Release My Film Brazil? Terry Gilliam

It's Terry Gilliam's 71st birthday today, so Criterion posted the following image to their Facebook page. That's a full page ad that Gilliam took out in the otherwise spiderishly dense Variety after Universal refused to release his film Brazil in the United States. Shortly after, Brazil netted all the big gongs at the LA Critics […]