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Burnout Developer's Untitled Game Has Been Cancelled
Back at E3 2014, Criterion announced an untitled project that was going to have a ton of vehicles and something to do with online extreme sports It was all a little undefined and odd, but had potential. Well, I hope you weren't excited about it as the game has now been cancelled and the developer put[...]
Alternate Poster For Blue Is The Warmest Color
This alternate poster for Blue is the Warmest Color was shared by IFC, the American distributor of the film. IFC have a deal with Criterion and it seems very likely that Blue is the Warmest Color will be heading into the Criterion Collection at some point in the future I think this would make a very[...]
Now Really Is The Time To Buy A Lot Of Criterion Blu-rays And DVDs
Amazon's Gold Box Deal today is a number of Criterion Blu-rays and DVDs, which are all priced at more than 50% off their regular price That's an even greater discount than you can get in the Barnes and Noble sale that slashes the price of Criterion discs in half. Criterion releases are incredibly easy to recommend,[...]