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The Fiction #2 Will Captivate You From Start To Finish

The-Fiction-2Breathtaking and adventurous, the first issue of The Fiction hooked me from the start. From BOOM! Studios, written by Curt Pires, with art by David Rubin, The Fiction #2 gives the word danger a whole new meaning! Here's what we know so far…four childhood friends named Tsang, Tyler, Kassie, and Max discover a box of strange books, but not just any books. These books have the power to transport people to the beautiful worlds described within them, when read aloud. Obviously that's too good to be true, and things get pretty wacky when Tsang goes missing. However, the group vows to keep all of that under wraps. Years later, when Tyler, now an adult, also mysteriously disappears, Kassie and Max find themselves in a tricky situation, and must decide if they are going to help their long lost friend.

In issue #2 we get a look back at what it was like for the group when Tsang went missing, and the emotional trauma that they had to go through. That in combination with following the present day journey with Kassie and Max creates a very powerful experience as you read through the issue. Curt Pires script is complex, and well balanced. I never felt like I was getting too much information at once. The whole issue was captivating. I applaud David Rubin for his ability to go from illustrating more lighter feeling environments to some heavy creepy stuff. I'm very interested to see how things are going to play out in the next issue. While I felt a little confused at the end of this one, I sometimes enjoy when things are left up to the reader's imagination. Be sure to pick up The Fiction #2 from your local comic book store today.

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