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in which Kyle Chandler as Gary Hobson receives each Chicago Sun-Times newspaper the day before it is published and uses this knowledge to prevent disaster. And now we have Bleeding Cool, which has the cover for next week's Daily Planet Which headlines Jimmy Olsen french-kissing the Silver Banshee, written by Cat Grant, Ron Troupe's writing on[...]
DC Comics
Last month, Bleeding Cool broke the news that DC Comics' Daily Planet was going digital DC Comics has launched dailyplanet.com.With mock ads for Gotham Academy, Ferris Aircraft, Metropolis Pizza and Big Belly Burger, this promo piece lists events happening in current DC Comics titles as newsworthy events A place for DC Comics to promote upcoming[...]
DC Comics To Launch Online Version of The Daily Planet
The Daily Planet is the fictional newspaper that Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Perry White, Cat Grant and Jimmy Olsen work for in Superman, first mentioned in Action Comics #23 in 1940 with an enormous globe on top of the building Its look was inspired by the Old Toronto Star Building where Superman's co-creator, Joe Shuster,[...]
Lois Lane Is The New Editor-In-Chief Of The Daily Planet
Bleeding Cool mentioned back in November that Lois Lane was to be up for the role of Editor-In-Chief at the Daily Planet in DC Comics' Superman comic books, as a result of Perry White suffering a heart attack, after being Patient Zero for the new telepathic imprint spread around the world for anyone who learns[...]
Jimmy Olsen is the New Owner Of The Daily Planet
Bt it was not the only change. Then, that he managed to persuade Luthor to buy the Daily Planet, in danger of closing down after it was revealed it had been bought by the criminal underground of Metropolis And finally, that Luthor would be a silent partner without editorial control How long such a state of[...]
Rewriting Lois Lane's Front Page Article
Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool was the first to release the article being given away by stores this Wednesday as a mock front page of the Daily Planet, purporting to be the very story that Lois Lane wrote that outed Clark Kent as Superman Naturally, Bleeding Cool supports this action for reasons of both journalism[...]