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Editor-In-Chief Mike Marts Leaves AfterShock Comics, For Something New
Titles published by AfterShock Comics include 06 Protocol, Alters, Animosity, Artemis and the Assassin, Babyteeth, Bad Reception, Black-Eyed Kids, Bunny Mask, Bylines in Blood, Chicken Devil, Dark Ark, Dark Red, Jimmy's Little Bastards, Kaiju Score, Lion and the Eagle, Miles To Go, Ocean Will Take Us, Red Atlantis, Rough Riders, Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated, Superzero,[...]
Dark Ark #8 cover by Juan Doe
Khalee begins to see the scope of what her father is doing to the people helping with the Dark Ark, and she gleans what the purpose of the vessel truly is In the present, Shrae meets the ancient and dark being which has been plaguing Noah's Ark Shrae attempts to bargain with the creature. Dark Ark[...]
Dark Ark #7 cover by Juan Doe
This leads to Shrae making a deal with one of the monsters, and that deal is as dark as any he has made with other entities before. Dark Ark #7 cover by Juan Doe Dark Ark #7 builds more conflict within Shrae's family as the horror of Shrae's actions continue to get to them It builds a[...]
Dark Ark #6 cover by Juan Doe
What they discover shocks them. Dark Ark #6 cover by Juan Doe This issue provides more context for the actions of both Noah and Shrae during the Flood It also throws some twists into the tale of Noah; the comic is, clearly, not strictly adhering to the Old Testament account of Noah's ark This makes for a[...]
New Series Clankillers and Relay Launch in AfterShock's July 2018 Solicits
Especially when the brothers themselves are on the verge of turning against one another! From writer Cullen Bunn (DARK ARK, UNHOLY GRAIL, X-Men Blue, Deadpool, Venom) and artist Mirko Colak (UNHOLY GRAIL,The Punisher) comes a tale of brothers and blood that HAD to be told at AfterShock Comics!   CLANKILLERS #1 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color[...]
Explore the Lost City with Zack Kaplan and Alvaro Sarraseca: AfterShock June 2018 Solicits
Plus, Animosity, Pestilence, Her Infernal Descent, Cold War, Brothers Dracul, A Walk Through Hell,and Dark Ark continue their runs Details below. BABYTEETH Vol 2 Trade Paperback / $14.99 / 128 pages / color / on sale 06.13.18 writer: Donny Cates artist: Garry Brown color: Mark Englert letters: Taylor Esposito cover: Garry Brown w/ Mark Englert Collecting the complete second storyarc from the hit AfterShock series,[...]
Dark Ark #5 cover by Juan Doe
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Angels of God have arrived on Shrae's Dark Ark What is feared to be divine judgement is quickly revealed to be nothing more than a cosmic mistake The angelic host mistook Shrae for Noah The latter prayed for God's help, and the angels went to Shrae thinking he was Noah Shrae must send[...]
Dark Ark #4 Cover
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The vampiric siege of the Dark Ark continues, as the legions of Nex begin to corner the human occupants While Shrae proves himself resistant to feeding, the others prove not as lucky Thankfully, aid comes in the form of Kruul the Manticore He may hold no love for the humans, but he now holds[...]
Dark Ark #3 Review: This Ark Has Better Animals
The Dark Ark, the boat upon which God put all the evil and magical creatures in the world, would turn upon its keeper Shrae if he punishes Nex without adequate proof. Dark Ark #3 cover by Juan Doe The premise to Dark Ark is great. What if mystical, malevolent, and magical animals had their own ark during the[...]
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But what about the mythical creatures of the world? The goblins, vampries, naga, and yes, even unicorns? In Dark Ark, we meet the man who is tasked with saving all that which is considered "evil" in the world. Our main character, Shrae, is not a good guy, and there are no false pretenses that he's doing the[...]
Dark Ark
Dark Ark #1 by Cullen Bunn and Juan Doe from Aftershock Comics decides to tell the biblical tale that the Holy Scriptures left out: if Noah built an Ark for all the natural creatures of Earth, what happened to the unnatural creatures? Dark Ark #1 cover by Juan Doe An interesting premise as we see a dark[...]