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Today sees the final issue of Tom Taylor and Yasmine Putri's Dark Knights Of Steel twelve-issue mini-series that has imagined the icons of the DC Comics Universe in a medieval reality of kings, knights and feudalism And superheroism maps itself onto the chivalrous status of knightdom rather well But is this all that will be[...]
Death Metal: Legends Of Dark Knights Hits $25 Over The Robin King
Thanks to certain speculation regarding The Robin King, multiple advance copies of next week's Dark Nights: Death Metal: Legends Of The Dark Knights one-shot from a variety of creators from DC Comics are currently selling for $25 each on eBay right now. eBay screencap. The 1:25 cover is selling for $400 But should they be? eBay screencap. Dark Nights:[...]
Darkest Knight Rises in Two Death Metal #1s by Tynion, Hill, and more
The Dark Knights: Death Metal tie-in is called Rise of the New God #1 spotlights the Batman Who Laughs, who has become the Darkest Knight in this latest event Then, in Dark Knights: Death Metal Robin King #1, Gotham-veterans Peter J Tomasi and Tony Patrick are joined by Riley Rossomo to tell a tale of the Darkest Knight's righthand killer. Dark[...]
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Well, we have hit the mid-point of the main story of DC's major event, Dark Nights Metal, and Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia really hit their stride with the series and the stakes for the DC Universe. With Batman lost to the Dark Multiverse, and the Dark Knights wreaking havoc across[...]
hal jordan
The first part is establishing the new status quo after the Sinestro Corps revolt, and the other part is the setup and beginning of this book's Dark Knights: Metal tie-in with Orion and the massive celestials. I keep calling them celestials; they're not yet named in this comic However, they strongly resemble the unnamed Celestials from[...]