'Dark Nights: Metal' #3 Review: Come On, Bring The Noise!

Well, we have hit the mid-point of the main story of DC's major event, Dark Nights Metal, and Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia really hit their stride with the series and the stakes for the DC Universe.

With Batman lost to the Dark Multiverse, and the Dark Knights wreaking havoc across the DCU, this issue gives us a sense of just what is at stake here. Barbatos and his army want to drag the DCU Earth into the Dark Multiverse, for whatever horrors that may cause.

Dark Nights Metal #3 cover by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia

Of course, there'd be that moment of hope, as the big, bright blue Superman thinks he's found a way to save his friend and the world.

Of course, the main thing that Metal has been playing with is what happens when our hopes dissolve into despair. Metal is about what happens when those nightmares we let pass through our minds become a reality, become something that suddenly becomes the world that we have to live in.

And, of course, to do so in a way that both celebrates all the things that the DC Universe has to offer (such as a cast of wild characters and crazy locations, what with the Oblivion Bar, Nightmaster and Detective Chimp all making appearances), and rocking out with crazy, metal imagery and fun. After all, there's loads of crazy heavy metal imagery to play with here, from Joker Dragons, to towering hellscapes made up of human bodies.

It's dark, but it's fun, and that's what Dark Nights Metal has had to offer so far that other events have been lacking of late, as many seem to have forgotten the fun which should be part of comics too.

The art is fantastic, as ever, as Capullo, Glapion and Plascencia continue to give us a great look at all the fantastic wonders the DCU has to offer, and so far, there's no sign of this art team having to be replaced due to an overworked schedule. Thankfully, this means we'll all get this great team for the duration.

And the other important thing to note about Snyder's story: sure, it's about the horrors and worst thoughts that fleet through our minds can become a reality. But if nightmares can become a reality, so too can dreams…so Metal may yet have something to say to us about hope as well.

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