Hal Jordan And The GL Corps #26 Review: Here Comes Dark Knight Metal

Hal Jordan And The GL Corps #26 Review: Here Comes Dark Knight Metal

With massive celestial creatures awakened, Green Lantern Graf realizes something bad is on the horizon for the universe.

The GL Corps as a whole is attempting to stabilize in the aftermath of the defection of the Sinestro Corps. Order is returning to the universe. However, Salaak detects a gravity distortion in a populated sector and sends GL's Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner to investigate.

They arrive to find the entire system wiped out, and Orion arrives shortly after. He is being hunted by the celestial beings form the beginning, and the two Green Lanterns are going to have to fight to protect him and the home of Salaak's people.

This comic is essentially split into two parts. The first part is establishing the new status quo after the Sinestro Corps revolt, and the other part is the setup and beginning of this book's Dark Knights: Metal tie-in with Orion and the massive celestials.

I keep calling them celestials; they're not yet named in this comic. However, they strongly resemble the unnamed Celestials from Marvel Comics, so that's all I can think to call them.

Hal Jordan And The GL Corps #26 Review: Here Comes Dark Knight Metal

The slower parts of the issue do work really well. It's interesting to see how the Green Lantern Corps is recuperating after losing almost half their forces to the departure of Soranik Sinestro and her Corpsmen.

The setup for the Metal tie-in is really cool. Orion is a great character, and the threat of these beings, though arguably a bit derivative in design, do make for a cool threat for the GLs and Orion to fight against. Kyle and Hal make for a good duo as do John and Guy. Kyle is an interesting place after the departure of Soranik and their falling out, and I look forward to where Robert Venditti goes with the usually upbeat and sarcastic Lantern.

Hal and Orion play off of each other well. Hal is cocky and headstrong, and Orion is no-nonsense, arrogant, and easily angered. The two together are both too similar and too different. They are great characters to have share panel space.

Rafa Sandoval is back on the art of this book, and I'm quite happy to see his return. His sleek and cosmic styling perfectly fits Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. He makes a good rotating companion with Ethan van Sciver, and the two have collectively kept this book looking gorgeous.

The bright color work of Tomeu Morey is damn near perfect. The palette is vast, and the bright greens contrast the blackness of space. This is a gorgeous book to look at.

As always, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps gets a high marks and a strong recommendation from me. If I haven't convinced you before, hopefully I will this time. Get. This Book.

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