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Tom Cruise Introduces Final Sneak Peek At The Mummy

And while I'm not a Tom Cruise hater, I did laugh when one guy said: "You will greatly enjoy seeing Cruise violently thrown off every edge of the screen." This feels like a very different role for Cruise than his usually unstoppable hero (Mission Impossible, Jack Reacher, Knight & Day) and I'm looking forward to[...]

Universal Adds Two More Monsters To Their Dark Universe

Universal's new Dark Universe kicks off this Friday with the Tom Cruise lead film The Mummy The Dark Universe is a shared cinematic universe based around the classic Universal monster films and has four more reboots planned Now Universal has added two more monsters to the list In the works is Bride of Frankenstein with[...]

Report: Wonder Woman Is Expected To Bury The Mummy At The Box Office This Weekend

Wonder Woman's massive success may be causing some trouble for the first film in Universal's beleaguered Dark Universe The Mummy, directed by Alex Kurtzman and starring Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Russell Crowe, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, and Courtney B Vance, has seen its opening weekend projections downgraded from $40 million to $38 million to $35 million this[...]

30+ High Quality Images From 'The Mummy'

Now, Universal Pictures might be able to take the loss and still run with its Dark Universe plans The Fate of the Furious and Get Out means that the studio is having a good year and perhaps if they approached the rest of the series with a small budget (The Mummy has an estimated budget[...]

New Featurette For 'The Mummy' Highlights Its Many Locations

Universal Pictures is still pushing The Mummy with everything that they've got right now. Now that it's looking like Wonder Woman is going to be a hit the fact that this is the competition for the latest DCEU movie means it could be in trouble. That isn't stopping them from releasing yet another featurette this […]

Will Warner Bros Sue Universal Over Dark Universe Branding? And Do They Have A Case?

Last week, we learned the name of Universal's Marvel-style cinematic universe featuring its classic movie monster characters: Dark Universe, featuring the following lineup: Johnny Depp as the Invisible Man, Javier Bardem as Frankenstein’s Monster, Tom Cruise as Nick Morton, Sofia Boutella as The Mummy, and Russell Crowe as Dr Henry Jekyll It's also been rumored that the studio wants Dwayne[...]

RUMOR: Universal Pictures Wants Dwayne Johnson For The Wolfman

The Dark Universe appears to be moving forward before we know whether or not it's going to work We already know that Javier Bardem is Frankenstein's monster, Johnny Depp is the Invisible Man, Russell Crowe is making his first appearence as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in the upcoming movie The Mummy We also know[...]

New Image Of Sofia Boutella In The Mummy

In a few of the featurettes the quote "the villain is the hero in their own story" has come up, and that appears to be the direction the Dark Universe is going in It's a good idea, but it's going to be a hard line to walk especially considering the body count these monsters could[...]

Ming Doyle And James Tynion Leave DC's Dark Universe Before It's Solicited

It wouldn't be a DC relaunch, mini or otherwise, if someone didn't walk off a comic after it was announced but before the first issue was out.And with the upcoming title Dark Universe, we have two of them, writer James Tynion IV tweeting on behalf of himself and writer/artist Ming Doyle, Hey guys, just wanted to break[...]

DC's Dark Universe And Mystic U Delayed To Later In 2015

In June, DC Comics is running it's mini-relaunch, as their titles get "batgirled" in an attempt to find and serve new audiencesA couple of them slipped a month, new series Cyborg by David Walker and Ivan Reis and returning series Justice League United coming out in July.But I am told that two of their series, Dark[...]

Guillermo Del Toro's DC Movie Dark Universe Is Being Written Now, "Will Happen"

The project was first referred to as Heaven Sent, but Guillermo Del Toro says the working title is now Dark Universe It's to be a DC comics-derived film that steers away from Kansas farmsteads or fetishwear vigilantism in favour of the monstrous and supernatural.Better still Del Toro says that writing is underway now He's working[...]