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Essential 8 Batman Comics – Celebrating 75 Years of The Batman You Deserve
With Year One, Miller and David Mazzucchelli changed this by retelling the origin of Batman and many of his supporting  cast members The changes can't be understated Every facet of the origin and every character is given a grimy, bleak facelift The story is simple and elegant The art is masterful Year One, out of[...]
Countdown To The Eisners – Best Publication Design
The Dal Tokyo title is perfectly lined-up in the upper right-hand corner on every page, so you almost get a flip-book feeling if you were to give it a flip; different variations of the logo, and there sure are a ton of them. David Mazzucchelli's Daredevil Born Again: Artist's Edition, designed by Randy Dahlk (IDW) Review copy[...]
David Mazzucchelli Hopes People Don't Buy Batman Year One
From missing words in Absolute Kingdom Come, to the Challengers Of The Unknown story in Secret Origins just… stopping halfway through, to the continual lateness and rescheduling of the Flex Mentallo hardcover, to the binding issues on hardcovers that have become YouTube semi-sensations. And now David Mazzucchelli has entered the fray talking about next week's deluxe[...]
Joe Sinnott Inks John Byrne's Trio
Here's the variant cover for John Byrne's new IDW comic, Trio, this one inked by Joe Sinnott. Each issue will have  a variant cover inked by another
David Mazzucchelli Hands Over His Award In Style To Bastien Vivès
This year  the award went to Bastien Vivès  for his book Polina published by KSTR/Casterman. The award was announced by Jean Christophe Ogier (left below), President of the association, alongside the American Ambassador was on hand, as was Art Spiegelman, President of the regional council and David Mazzucchelli, who won the award last year. And it was[...]
Batman: Year One Trailer Looks Familiar To Fans Of Frank Miller & David Mazzucchelli
Batman: Year One by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli originally appeared in Batman #404-407 in 1987 and subsequently became one of the most influential Batman stories ever told The teaser material from awhile back promised that Warrner Animation was going to follow the source material very closely — and based on this trailer it[...]