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But maybe it's time. Mab: Okay, but we're here to talk about Deadwood! Deadwood The Movie after 13 years! How does that feel? Brad: First of all, I never believed it til the last minute Wasn't until we were talking about plane tickets that I really believed it was going to happen [after a long pause] Sad[...]
HBO Takes Us Behind The Scenes of 'Deadwood' The Movie
We still can't believe we're actually, FINALLY getting Deadwood the Movie from HBO, and it's hitting the cable giant soon! If you missed the first trailer, before we get into the newly-released behind-the-scenes look, here it is: Former rivalries are reignited, alliances are tested and old wounds are reopened, as all are left to navigate the inevitable[...]
W. Earl Brown With Another 'Deadwood' Movie Update
Earl Brown (@WEarlBrown) October 20, 2018 Man, we can't WAIT for Deadwood the movie We'll let you know when we hear about an official release date. W Earl Brown knows his way around the internet, and thankfully for fans of HBO series Deadwood, he shares updates with us about how production on the long-awaited film is going. Just today,[...]