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Greg Pak Predicted Mike Pence/Fly Moment And Is Freaking Out
It's Mike Pence time… Sometimes it's nice living in the UK and having a busy day, you have no idea there was a US vice-presidential debate going on until it's over Of course, you wake up to social media exploding and for a second you wonder just what's going on. Mike Pence screencap. And while there is[...]
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia star unleashes his inner-Dennis on Trump (Image: FX Networks)
Then it was Rob McElhenney's turn, first taking a page from Day's playbook by mocking the POS-POTUS for his "Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia" line from the debate and then taking it to a level we're sure Trump wasn't ready for: DEFCON: Dennis. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Image: FX Networks) Because if you need someone to[...]
When The Comics Industry Watched The Republican Debate On CNN Last Night
So, there was a Republican Presidential debate on CNN last night… It's that time again where the comics hive mind live tweet the GOP debate. — Ryan Burton (@rburton03) September 17, 2015 It is! Good call! And they didn't totally tweet about Trump… but first from the Daily Show…   At the end of the debate, everyone is going to[...]