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James Bond
Just before the New York Comic-Con, Dynamite made some announcements that included a new Dejah Thoris series that would start with a $.25 cent #0 issue,  and new Battlestar Galactica series that would pit the classic crew against the Syfy series reboot and a new James Bond one-shot called The Body Here we have an[...]
New Dejah Thoris Statue Based On The Art Of J. Scott Campbell
The piece is being used to inspire a new Women of Dynamite statue: the Dejah Thoris Diroama Statue. Dejah Thoris, the science-fiction heroine who debuted in Edgar Rice Burroughs's 1912 serial A Princess of Mars, has long been a cornerstone of the Dynamite Entertainment brand, both as a featured character in the Warlord of Mars series and[...]
Amy Chu To Write New Dejah Thoris Series For Dynamite
Writer Amy Chu (Poison Ivy) will take on the new Dejah Thoris series that will kick off with a $.25 cent #0 issue to start the new year The last $.25 cent #0 issue the publisher did was Sheena #0 which sold more than 120,000 copies Interiors for the book will be done by Pasquale[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Dejah Thoris #1 By Fran Barbiere And Francesco Manna
These are all available as part of the new bundle and can be found here. Today's free comic is the first issue of the recent redesign and relaunch of Dejah Thoris by Frank J Barbiere and Francesco Mann The full six-issue series is available as part of the bundle. Prepare yourself for Dejah Thoris as you've never seen[...]
Writer's Commentary – Frank Barbiere On The Final Issue Of Dejah Thoris
A Writer's Commentary: Frank Barbiere talks the grand finale, Dejah Thoris #6, on sale now from Dynamite The cover is by NEN and interior art by Francesco Manna. PAGES 1 – 2 It was important for me here to really show how bad things are going in Helium Valoris doesn't want to just conquer Helium, he wants to[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews Of Dejah Thoris #6 And Miss Fury #5
Dejah Thoris is reunited with John Carter in issue six of the series written by Frank Barbiere and drawn by Francesco Manna and Miss Fury must decide who she really is in issue five written by Corinna Bechko and drawn by Jonathan Lau Also on sale this week, the Purgatori statue from the art of[...]
Red Sonja, Dejah Thoris And Jungle Girl Limited Statues And Chaos Pins
The suggeted retail price is $249.99. WOMEN OF DYNAMITE: DEJAH THORIS  – LIMITED EDITION DIAMOND EYE VARIANT STATUE The Princess of Mars is brought to three-dimensional life as the fifth entry in the brand-new "Women of Dynamite" statue line, inspired by the art of Frank Cho. Sculpted Jason Smith and the team at the Brewing Factory have created[...]
"The World Of Barsoom Is Just So Unique…" – Frank Barbiere Talks Dejah Thoris
Dynamite has given us a new Writer to Writer interview, this time David Avallone (Twilight Zone: The Shadow) talks with Frank Barbiere about Dejah Thoris #5. Cover by NEN, with interiors by Francesco Manna. DAVID AVALLONE: I read somewhere that you discovered the John Carter mythos through his cameo in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 2[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews Of Dejah Thoris #5 And Devolution #5
We get Dejah Thoris by Frank Barbiere and Francesco Manna and Devolution by Rick Remender and Jonathan Wayshak Dejah's trip to the badlands to find her forgotten memories continues while in Devolution we get to see what happens if you reverse mutate a shark… you know that's not going to go well. Dejah Thoris #5 writer: Frank[...]
A Frank Cho Inspired Dejah Thoris Statue And J. Scott Campbell Red Sonja Statue
A Frank Cho inspired Dejah Thoris and a J Scott Campbell inspired Red Sonja. Hyrkania's most lethal warrior stands approximately 11.5" in height upon a  5.5" wide base Hand-painted on cold-cast porcelain with ABS details, this statue comes individually numbered as part of a limited edition run, and is packaged in a four-color box with a[...]
Exclusive – Vampirella, Dejah Thoris And Miss Fury For August
Now, Dejah Thoris — the Princess of Mars and beloved wife to the fugitive champion — must investigate his mysterious course of action and save him from the death penalty No matter how ruthless or reckless she must be, Dejah Thoris will stop at nothing to prove his innocence… and in so doing, will stir[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews For Dejah Thoris #4 And A Train Called Love #8
Dejah Thoris #4 by Frank Barbiere and Francesco Manna and A Train Called Love #8 by Garth Ennis and Mark Dos Santos… The second preview is not exactly safe for work so be warned. Dejah Thoris #4 writer: Frank J Barbiere artist: Francesco Manna cover: NEN incentive cover: NEN (B/W art) FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+ Having taken command[...]
Dynamite's Calendar Girls – Dejah Thoris, Red Sonja And Vampirella
Recently Dejah Thoris, Red Sonja and Vampirella had a redesign and re-launch of their series So was it going to be the new look or the classic? We now have previews of the August shipping calendars so you can see for yourself. Dejah Thoris (more info) Red Sonja (more info) Vampirella (more info) [...]
Frank Barbiere Uses Fight Scenes As Turning Points In Dejah Thoris
Genevieve Valentine, writer of Xena: Warrior Princess #1, talks with Frank Barbiere about Dejah Thoris #3, both on sale now from Dynamite. Cover is by NEN with interiors by Francesco Manna. GENEVIEVE VALENTINE: A good action scene needs enough space to breathe visually (especially when it's also propelling character and plot at the same time, as in[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews For Xena #1 And Dejah Thoris #3
Who would win in a battle between Xena: Warrior Princess and Dejah Thoris: Princess of Mars? That could be an epic battle But this week they will stand together on the comic book shelves… well one in the D's and one in the X's We have exclusive extended previews of the first issue of Dynamite's[...]
Track 2017 With Red Sonja, Vampirella and Dejah Thoris Calendars
This year started off with Dynamite giving a new look to three of their biggest characters: Dejah Thoris, Red Sonja and Vampirella At ECCC today the publisher announced that those three characters will be getting calendars for 2017 Each will features 12 months worth of iconic images of the heroines. RED SONJA 2017 WALL CALENDAR Even during[...]
FOOL; Dynamite's Women To Lead New Summer Event Again
The recently redesigned Dejah Thoris, Red Sonja and Vampirella will be joined by their newest hit series Grumpy Cat. I'm told Gail Simone is not leading this event, but did have a say in choosing some of the creative teams. The story revolves around the Egyptian Goddess Bastet's return to Earth Something that happens every hundred years[...]
Classic Vs New Vampirella – Can The Redesign Replace The Iconic Look?
And with Dejah Thoris, there was no definitive outfit, more of a lack of one. But Vampirella has looked the same for 47 years (except for the Vampi manga series) Red monokini with a white collar and black boots… you knew exactly who it was when you saw her Now you can easily make an argument[...]
Frank Barbiere Talks Dejah Thoris Leaving Everything Behind In New Series
Nancy Collins, writer of Army of Darkness: Furious Road #1, talks with writer Frank Barbiere about Dejah Thoris #2, both on sale March 2 from Dynamite Cover is by NEN, interiors by Francesco Manna. NANCY COLLINS: What lead you to take Dejah Thoris so far outside her normal comfort zone, stripping her of her title and[...]
Writer's Commentary – Frank Barbiere on Dejah Thoris #1
Writer Frank Barbiere comments on issue #1 of the new Dejah Thoris comic from Dynamite Cover art by NEN, interrior art by Francesco Manna. PAGES 1 & 2 I knew I wanted to open the book with a glimpse of what was to come, that being Dejah in her new "Larka" identity and in heated combat I[...]
Dejah Thoris May Be The Best Way To Judge The Dynamite Redesigns
Recently Dynamite Entertainment had artist Nicola Scott redesign three of their iconic female characters: Red Sonja, Dejah Thoris and Vampirella Where Red Sonja and Vampirella were know for their specific look, Dejah Thoris was more likely known for just how little she wore as her outfit varied often.This is their new take on the Edgar[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews Of Dejah Thoris #1 And Bob's Burgers #8
Bob's Burgers #8 done by the creators of the hit Fox television series and Dejah Thoris #1 featuring the new direction by Gail Simone and new character design by Nicola Scott. Bob's Burgers #8 writer: : Mark Von der Heide, Jeff Drake, and more artist: Tom Connor, Maggie Harbaugh,Krystal Fleming, Jennyfer Maria covers: Hector Reynoso (a), Tyler Garrison (b) Issue[...]
"She Is No Longer Royalty" – Frank Barbiere Talks The Big Changes To Dejah Thoris
Frank Barbiere is back, this time talking to Byron Brewer about the recently relaunched Dejah Thoris series for Dynamite Cover art by NEN. BYRON BREWER: Frank, has it been a challenge to write this very different take on a Dynamite icon, Dejah Thoris? FRANK BARBIERE: It's been a great experience, as it's really just a new story[...]
Ariel Medel's Process Art For John Carter: Warlord Of Mars #14
In the story John Carter and Dejah Thoris finally return to majestic Helium, but they find the city strangely deserted John and Dejah must find out what happened to its inhabitants, or suffer the same horrific fate. Here we have some of the interior art from the issue, both black and white and color version[...]
"We're Not Rebooting The Character" – Frank Barbiere Talks Dejah Thoris
With the recent redesigns of Vampirella, Red Sonja and Dejah Thoris along with new first issue, folks may have gotten the idea that the books were beeing rebooted… Frank Barbiere makes it clear that it's not the case with Dejah Thoris #1 Covers by Nen and Jay Anacleto.  BYRON BREWER: Frank, Dejah Thoris has done it[...]
Redesigned Vampirella And More In Dynamite's March 2016 Solicitations
This includes the first issue of the new Vampirella series as well as the other redesigned female icons Red Sonja and Dejah Thoris Also a new Army of Darkness series from Nancy A Collins. VAMPIRELLA VOL 3 #1 Cover A: Chrissie Zullo Cover B: Jay Anacleto "Connecting" Cover C: Tula Lotay Writer: Kate Leth Art: Eman Casallos Vampirella takes Hollywood in this[...]
Frank J Barbiere Talks The New Dejah Thoris
Written by Cliff Biggers. Barbiere Shares His Dejah View Has Dejah Thoris really been around for more than a century now? Yes indeed—she made her first appearance in All-Story Magazine way back in 1912 For a centenarian, she's looking quite good indeed—but after a hundred years, it's apparently time for a new look! When Dynamite's new Dejah Thoris[...]
Exclusive – Dynamite's #1s For February: Dejah Thoris, Shaft And Grumpy Cat
It starts of with the newly redesigned Dejah Thoris, then Shaft hits the streets again and finally Grumpy Cat and Pokey get a second series. DEJAH THORIS #1 Cover A: NEN Cover B: Jay Anacleto "Connecting" Cover C: Tula Lotay Writer: Frank J Barbiere Art: Francesco Manna Prepare yourself for Dejah Thoris as you've never seen her before! A shocking conspiracy unravels[...]