Exclusive First Look At The Women Of Dynamite Comics Shipping February 2018

Dynamite has sent us an exclusive first look at the solicitations and covers for the Women of Dynamite covers shipping in February 2018. These include first issues of Dejah Thoris and Xena, the third issue of Barbarella, as well as the latest issues of Bettie Page, Red Sonja, and Sheena.

Cover A: J. Scott Campbell | Cover B: Frank Cho | Cover C: Mike McKone | Cover D: Sergio Davila Writer: Amy Chu | Art: Pasquale Qualano

Dejah Thoris, obsessed with finding the legendary Gardens of Mars, recruits her own expedition team of scientists. But once outside the palace walls, things don't go as planned, and the Princess learns the hard way just how dangerous Barsoom really is.

Cover A: David Finch | Cover B: Vicente Cifuentes | Writer: Meredith Finch | Art: Vicente Cifuentes

The path to redemption is never easy, and the journey of a warrior princess seeking to wash the blood of innocents from her hands is no exception. Xena travels to Athens, to plead for redemption in the temple of Eleos. But some things can never be forgiven and the shadows of past sins are long. Will Xena find redemption or betrayal waiting for her in the temple of the gods? The power, the passion, the danger… her courage would change the world. Xena: Warrior Princess.

Cover A: Vicente Cifuentes | Cover B: Jorge Fornes | Cover C: Caspar Wijngaard | Cover D: Tom Feister | Cover E Subscription: Kenan Yarar | Writer: Mike Carey | Art: Kenan Yarar

To stop a war a planet must fall. For Barbarella, the ends don't justify the terrible means, but if she acts to save billions of innocents it may spell defeat and disaster for Earth. Oh, if there were only another way…

Cover A: Joseph Michael Linsner | Cover B: Scott Chantler | Cover C: Photo Cover | Writer: David Avallone | Art: Esau Figueroa

Bettie hunts an alien artifact and Soviet spies at the 1952 Cannes Film Festival! Will she manage to get Gene Kelly's autograph and save the world? Only David Avallone and Esau Figueroa have been authorized to tell you the classified story, in this thrilling climax to Bettie's French Riviera adventures.

Cover A: Jonboy Meyers | Cover B: Carlos Gomez | Cover C: Gisele Lagace | Cover D: Cosplay Cover | Cover E Subscription: Art Baltazar | Writer: Amy Chu, Erik Burnham | Art: Carlos Gomez

Red Sonja and Wallace have faced the darkness and made their way out from Hell – or have they? They've crossed the River Styx, but the land of the living looks just as desolate as the land of the Dead – and it soon becomes all too clear that this is the handiwork of Kulan Gath, enraging Sonja. She didn't travel back and forth through time and escape from Hell just to find her homelands in ruin…Kulan Gath may be more powerful than ever, but a reckoning is coming!


Cover A: Maria Sanapo | Cover B: Marco Santucci | Cover C: Dan Parent | Cover D: Cosplay | Writer: Marguerite Bennett, Christina Trujillo | Art: Maria Sanapo

The start of a bold new adventure! Mother Forest is beset by a terrible plague that sickens the very jungle, but this deadly evil is not the only danger Sheena must face. A ruthless huntress prowls the forest, seeking a girl with golden hair, and the mark of the jaguar…

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