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Co-Op Survival Game Devour Will Be Released At The End Of January
Straight Back Games revealed today that their co-op survival horror game Devour will be coming to Steam at the end of the month If you're not into horror survival games where you go in alone to solve a problem with an evil spirit, good news, as this one lets you bring a friend along to[...]
Red Hood: Outlaw #37 to Debut a New Non-Binary Superhero, DNA
E 2099 (@MrE_2099) August 23, 2019 DNA is not the only new character to be introduced, and Cloud Nine is very much aware and exploitative of her gender. We also get to see Babe In Arms Who Rocafort posts saying She is so adorable! And Devour. All four debuting in Red Hood: Outlaw #37, speculator-fans… Here's a preview of the first[...]