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Riley Rossmo And The Holidays From Hell
Louis Falcetti Q&A'd with Riley Rossmo around the launch of his new Image comic, Dia De Los Muertos And naturally he started with a Bleeding Cooly question, poking at open wounds.  Why did you leave Bedlam? Can you talk about it? Creative differences, basically It wasn't an easy decision; I put a lot of love into Bedlam[...]
Wednesday Trending Topics: Pixar Dia De Los Muertos
Several interesting tidbits surfaced from Pixar at Cinemacon, including: According to Pixar's presentation at Cinemacon, the Unkrich film is going to be about Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican day of the dead Not to be confused with Day of the Dead or Jorge R Gutierrez and Guillermo Del Toro's own animated film about this[...]