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Dirt 5 Gets A New Xbox Series X Gameplay Trailer
Deep Silver and Codemasters revealed a new gameplay trailer today for Dirt 5 as seen on the Xbox Series X The game has been teased for the past few months since it was revealed over the summer, as they've been showing off different cars and tracks and modes prior to the game coming out Now[...]
Codemasters Has Pushed Dirt 5's Release Date To November
Codemasters revealed this morning that they have delayed Dirt 5 again and have pushed the release date back into November 2020 The word came down on Twitter, as you can read the full message below, as they have now pushed the game's release date back to November 6th It looked like the game was on[...]
Deep Silver Reveals All Of The Car Classes In Dirt 5
Deep Silver revealed some new info for Dirt 5 today as they unveiled all of the different classes of cars you'll be able to play in the game This collection is basically a player's touches of cars that can go the distance in the grime and the mud, as you'll have your choice from Cross[...]
Unveiled at today's Xbox 20/20 streaming event, Dirt 5 looks like a racing game you'd find in a new console This new entry into the Dirt series features rally racing made to appeal to a wide audience This game will play for like an arcade, so it won't turn off new fans due to how[...]