Witchfinder Gates Of Heaven

Chris Roberson Pens Open Letter About New Witchfinder Mini from Dark Horse

Taking an unusual approach to a press release, Dark Horse has sent an open letter by writer Chris Roberson to news outlets talking about his upcoming collaboration with Mike Mignola, D'Israeli, and Michelle Madsen on the upcoming five-issue mini-series, Witchfinder: The Gates of Heaven. The first issue hits stores in May, and to learn more about […]

Leicester's First Comic Con Is A Recipe For Success In The Silver Arcade

By Olly MacNamee Snuggled comfortably between Leicester's famous market and the main drag of the city itself, the all-new Victorian shopping complex, the Silver Arcade, was a truly inspirational venue to host Leicester's first comic-con. Not only did it encourage local comic fans to support a worthwhile cause but, in offering free entry after 11am, […]

Things To Do In Leicester In June If You Like Comics

By Olly MacNamee As well as celebrating the promotion of Leicester City football club into the Premier League, this lovely little city can also celebrate its very first comic convention too. Leicester Comic Convention will be taking place this month in the very beautiful and unique setting of the Silver Arcade in heart of the […]

Bargain Of The Day: 2000AD's Trifecta On Kindle For $2.10/£1.29

It was 2000AD's event of last year, from three separate creative teams that no one realised was an event until it was too late. Trifecta, three stories, three conceptual concepts, one conclusion. It was epic. By Al Ewing, Simon Spurrier, Rob Williams, Simon Coleby, Henry Flint, D'Israeli and Carl Critchlow. And now it's all for […]

Bleeding Cool Is Not The Wife Of Matt Fraction Either

This is what happens when a comic convention has Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick as guests but a news website decides to begin Kelly's bio entry with "The wife of Matt Fraction." You get a little solidarity amongst friendly comic creators, pointing out that people can be defined in other ways, that Kelly Sue's […]

Preview: D'Israeli's Low Life, From 2000AD

Starting in next week's 2000AD, comes a new twelve part story by Rob Williams and D'Israeli, Low Life. This is his first published work since his SVK comic with Warren Ellis. Have a preview…

Warren Ellis And D'Israeli's SVK Sells Out In A Smash

It's £13 for a comic book that no one could pretend was thick enough to be a graphic novel. It comes with a funny electric light. But SPK by Warren Ellis and D'Israeli, the comic book with an ultraviolet reveal published by Berg London has sold out of its 3500 print run in under 48 […]

How To Make An Invisible Warren Ellis Comic

Bleeding Cool has previously reported on the Warren Ellis/D'Israeli comic project SVK before. A comic in which the thought balloons of characters are hidden unless exposed by a flourescent pen light. I talked to Warren at MCM Expo about it, and he shared some of the challenges needed when visible lines cross invisible ones, and […]