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Valve Corporation has revealed its details on the Dota Underlords launch next week, which includes a special launch party The company posted details of what they have planned next week when the game drops on February 25th Which includes a special launch party that will be broadcast live on Twitch featuring several personalities As you[...]
"Dota Underlords" Will Officially Launch On February 25th
Some cool news for Dota Underlords fans as the game finally has a release date Valve Corporation will unleash the game on February 25th The game has been in beta/Early Access mode on steam since mid-2019, but now the official release will put the full game up on both PC and mobile devices We also[...]
Valve Adds A Major Update To "Dota Underlords"
Valve announced this week that a big update was finally added to Dota Underlords, giving players a lot more options during the haunting season Among the additions is a new Duos Mode, a Freestyle Mode, several new heroes for hire with some new alliances that can be formed A new Jail system, new UI to[...]