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Valve Adds A Major Update To "Dota Underlords"
Valve announced this week that a big update was finally added to Dota Underlords, giving players a lot more options during the haunting season Among the additions is a new Duos Mode, a Freestyle Mode, several new heroes for hire with some new alliances that can be formed A new Jail system, new UI to[...]
BBC Three to Broadcast the ESL One Birmingham DOTA 2 Major
The BBC is partnering with the ESL to broadcast the semi-final and final matches from the UK's first Dota 2 major The major will see a dozen world-class teams compete for a $1 million USD prize pool The tournament will coincide with a networking event for esports industry members. BBC Three will stream the semi-finals at[...]
Dota 2's Subreddit Used Memes to Get Valve to Release the Compendium
Dota 2 fans had been waiting for information on this year's International Compendium for so long they decided to take matters into their own hands The Dota 2 subreddit started a penguin kidnapping meme as a way to put pressure on the notoriously closemouthed company, and the surprising thing is — it worked. The International is the[...]
ESL One Hamburg will Feature Six Days of Dota 2 Competition
ESL and Intel are combining to bring the ESL One Hamburg tournament to life, which will have sixteen Dota 2 teams compete across six days in the Barclaycard Arena from October 26-28 After last year's successful ESL One competition, this second year up the stakes with a longer competition including group stages and playoffs, with twice[...]
Valve Releases Statement on DotaTV Streaming After ESL Controversy
DOTA 2 developer Valve has issued a statement regarding DotaTV streaming following this week's controversy surrounding the ESL One Genting 2018 tournament and the subsequent fallout The controversy surrounds the ESL's decision to send DMCA notices to popular streamers PPD, AdmiralBulldog, and BSJ who streamed the ESL One Genting games with their own commentary The streamers[...]
Valve Bows Out of DOTA Tournament Because of Drug Testing Requirement
"We can only hope that all stakeholders will appreciate drug testing as an undeniable part of professional sports in the Philippines and the world." The tournament is currently still planned to run, though it will no longer be a part of Valve's Dota Pro Circuit, which means participating teams will no longer earn points that could[...]
Everything We Know About Valve's New Game, Artifact, So Far
Valve announced their first new game in years yesterday, the DOTA card game Artifact Which was a bit of a disappointment to a lot of fans hoping for Half Life 3 or even Portal 3 But, really, we should have all seen this coming. Blizzard has done damn well with Hearthstone, so seeing a DOTA tcg[...]
Valve Introduces A Dota Card Game, And The Crowds Respond Unkind
A lot of people were unsure what to make of the excitement, but when the trailer finally hit, we got to see a glimpse of a new card game called Artifact that is based in the Dota universe Here's the trailer for you to check out. Now considering this is Valve's first new game in years[...]
New Esports Record Achieved During Dota 2's International Tournament
When you're planning tournaments and figuring out the odds and ends and then finally getting the matches on, no one's really thinking "I hope I break so-and-so's record at this." So it probably came as a surprise to planners for Dota 2's International Championship that they managed to score a world record simply by the design[...]
The Latest Dota 2 Patch Made Death A Bit OP, But Players Don't Seem To Care
The latest Dota 2 patch has just hit the game's servers, and with it came a ton of balance changes meant to address the most pressing concerns with The International 7 tournament looming on the horizon While working to fine-tune the balance, Valve nerfed the hell out of all respawn talents. Talents, special upgrades added in[...]
Want To Compete In DOTA 2? Now You Need To Give Valve Your Number
If you want to keep competing in ranked DOTA 2 matches, you'll need to join Valve's new phone registry. Their reason for the seemingly absurd request is that too many players have multiple accounts The phone registry would require you to link one account to your phone in order to compete in ranked matches And naturally, Valve[...]
Dota 2's The International Has Now Reached Over 20 Million In Prize Money
Dota 2's The International is always utterly insane when it comes to prize money, but its popularity is only growing You can tell by that ever rising community infused winnings. With the finals just starting yesterday, the winnings have just hit a massive mile stone The current prize money available at the tournament just hit $20[...]
Rick And Morty Invade Dota 2 In New Announcer Pack
I know it has a huge following who swear by it though, so this might be some pretty big. The interdimension traveling duo have now invaded Dota 2, in what might be the funniest announcer pack yet There are a lot of little in jokes here and I love how 'messy' the two are at announcing[...]