Christine McConnell's INCREDIBLE Mortal Kombat Gingerbread Dragon

If you haven't watched Netflix's adorably macabre and clever The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, you really should, and this Mortal Kombat gingerbread dragon will illustrate why.Christine McConnell, the host and create-ress on the series, is a master of design and form with her whimsical and gothic creations, as you can see by her BEAUTIFUL[...]

How To Train Your Dragon 3

First Trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 3 Hits

The official trailer for How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is here, and there are so many emotions Our baby Hiccup is all gown up with a beard, and our bestest bud Toothless is doing his best to win the heart of a lady dragon.Yes, A LADY DRAGON! Toothless's girlfriend is a LIGHT FURY!Here's[...]

The SML Podcast – Talking With Chris Albert About His Upcoming Game Dragon

Thanks, Service Electric.ANYWAY, the final countdown begins as we kick off the first of our final three shows with guest Chris Albert, on to discuss his upcoming Steam game Dragon: A Game About a Dragon!Before we get to that, we start the show talking about the reasons behind the show ending before getting to the[...]

Pics: Disney Build A Flying, Fire Breathing Dragon And Take It Out For A Spin

It's known that Disney are developing an Avatar-themed "World" and we know that Avatar features flying, dragon-alike creatures so it's no real surprise that when a patent for a flying, animatronic dragon was uncovered, Disney buffs started pegging it as Avatar related.The actual flying machine has been spotted out and about now, not to mention[...]

Terry Brooks' Magic Kingdom For Sale To Steve Carrell

Meeks, which could be a contender too as neither really seems to fit Carell perfectly.But my hunch is that Holiday will be tweaked to work and Carrell will end up in the throne.The adaptation will need a lot of FX to bring to life the Gnomes and Kobolds, the love-interest Silph character and the dragon[...]