The SML Podcast – Talking With Chris Albert About His Upcoming Game Dragon

By Joe Cammisa




Monday night is here and it's time for The SML Podcast Episode 108: The Beginning of The End, here on Bleeding Cool!

It's been a few weeks since we were around, but go figure the week after I announce our show will be ending shortly, my internet gets shut off for three weeks. Thanks, Service Electric.

ANYWAY, the final countdown begins as we kick off the first of our final three shows with guest Chris Albert, on to discuss his upcoming Steam game Dragon: A Game About a Dragon!

Before we get to that, we start the show talking about the reasons behind the show ending before getting to the REAL reason we are ending, Rock Band 4 was announced and we feel our Mission Statement has been met since we are finally getting a new Rock Band game, thanks in full to The SML Podcast and our interviews with various Harmonix folk over the years!

We then get into talking about Dragon with Chris before we segue into our usual news stuff. Some featured news includes the GDC announcements with ID@Xbox game announcements (including Shovel Knight!), performance boosts thanks to DirectX 12, and Steam boxes and streaming machines.

Obviously, we get our talk on about Diablo III, tackle an email from Zak Lyons regarding our Four For February, which kind of fell apart on us, and I give what I expect to be the final chapter of my PS4 saga as Sony has refused to honor my extended warranty and I give up completely on Sony.

Check out the mp3 of the show here or check out the YouTube version!

If that doesn't work for you, you can check us out on iTunes and subscribe to us and get the final episodes a few days early and check out our past two years of shows!

Music this week is a chunk of tracks from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS since I just got my Club Nintendo CD and there's some baller tracks on there.

Super Sm4sh Bros. – Xenoblade Chronicles Medley

Super Sm4sh Bros. – Ground and Underground (Super Mario Bros.)

Super Sm4sh Bros. – Kapp'n's Song (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

Super Sm4sh Bros. – Balloon Fight Medley

Super Sm4sh Bros. – Will You Know Our Names (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Thanks for checking us out and we'll see you next Monday with our next show!

Joe Cammisa is an unemployed nerd who spends his time gaming, no longer hosting The SML Podcast, and sharing pictures of his five cats on Facebook. Yeah, five. You can annoy him on Twitter or on pretty much any gaming service under the name JoeCamNet.

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