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Batman Secret Files The Signal #1 Review: Strong On Concept
With his own version of the Bat's nocturnal infrastructure, Duke Thomas has shone brightly as an Outsider, and in the We Are Robin series of years past to find his place in broad daylight as Gotham's sunshine soldier This is done with great elements, but Batman Secret Files: The Signal #1 hit some snags along[...]
Batman: Detective Comics #983 cover by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, and Adriano Lucas
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Signal, aka Duke Thomas, is caught in an explosion while trying to save a self-proclaimed "Batman fan." He survives, but he is badly wounded Batman decides that he needs a team to work outside the Justice League and using his methods His first recruit is Black Lightning, who works out of Metropolis and[...]
Is This The First Look At Duke Thomas's New 'Dark Matter' Costume As The Signal?
There was speculation rife after the release of Dark Days: The Forge and Dark Days: The Casting about what exactly was going on with Batman's latest young protege Duke Thomas We then got confirmation from writer Scott Snyder that Duke would be getting his own series spinning out of Dark Nights: Metal, and that the[...]
The Batman Hater Rises – Dark Days: The Casting #1 Review
He runs across the likes of Wonder Woman and Talia al Ghul in these sections, which are done up by John Romita Jr. Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Batman associate Duke Thomas are still in Batman's cave, shocked by the presence of the Joker and attempting to parcel out how and why he is there[...]
Duke Thomas
Warning all, but this article will contain spoilers for Dark Days: The Casting and the DC character Duke Thomas. Well, this is really Scott Snyder's time at the moment With the release of Dark Days: The Casting, which reveals a great deal about the shape of upcoming Metal and Dark Matter afterwards, naturally everyone is poring[...]
Do not scroll passed the spoiler warning unless you really want it. The Joker, who seems to know an awful lot about what is going on with the mystery of the strange metals and Dark Multiverse (I mean, it makes sense, he's basically still alive on account of the properties of one of those metals), relates[...]
Dark Days: The Forge Review- Mysteries I Didn't Want Or Need Or Care About
We're not really told, but it takes him to the Batcave where he meets up with Duke Thomas The two find a secret passageway in the cave that takes the two through a hall of the aforementioned artifacts, including Aquaman's Trident, Wonder Woman's Power Bracelets, and the Mask of Doctor Fate They are taunted by[...]
Duke Thomas, Still In Want Of A Name – All-Star Batman #8 Spoilers
We have seen Duke Thomas as a kid in Batman Zero Year. We have seen him grow up as a confident of Bruce Wayne. We have seen him lead the gang of Robins. Go toe to toe with others who have worn that mantle. And mocked for his choice. We have also seen his future as a Robin.  But also as a[...]
Duke Thomas Is The Lead For DC's We Are Robin
USA Today is today's DC media partner, to announce details on the upcoming We Are Robin series, part of June's DC mini-relaunch by Lee Bermejo, Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph. Including who is going to be in it. Duke Thomas, an African-American kid who's played an important role recently in the main Batman series, as he's indoctrinated into this new[...]