Duke Thomas Gets A Spinoff – Batman: The Signal, Co-Written By Scott Snyder And Tony Patrick

Revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, Duke Thomas is getting his own comic. Called Batman: The Signal, all we know about the comic so far as that it will be co-written by Tony Patrick, from the DC writer's workshop, along with superstar writer Scott Snyder. No artist has been announced yet, and we don't know when it's coming out.

Duke Thomas Gets A Spinoff – Batman: The Signal, Co-Written By Scott Snyder And Tony Patrick

Dan Didio revealed the news at the very end of the panel, but was unwilling or unable to share any more info. Luckily, Bleeding Cool ace reporter Joe Glass knows to never leave before the end – you never know if there will be a post-credits scene, after all! Other reporters may have gotten to empty their bladders sooner, but Bleeding Cool gets the story, dammit!

Snyder teased such a series last year, when in an interview with CBR, he said DC executive Geoff "Jeff" Johns came up with the idea:

"It was really Geoff Johns, honestly, talking to [Geoff] and okaying a lot of this stuff with him that was terrifically helpful. I think we have something really special here with Duke, and I have a long runway with this character in terms of setting him up here and trying to do a series with him myself, with other creators, as well, once he is up and running."

And just last week, Snyder teased the announcement and his choice of talent:

"I wanted it to be someone who I worked with in the workshop, that I taught, who was passionate about the character and had a really good take on him. Dark Matter is [a chance] for me to put my money where my mouth is a little bit and say if Metal is about the creation of "new," about doing a Crisis where nothing is old — we don't go back to Earth 2, there's no Alexander Luthor, everything is about a new realm with new villains — then new books, the Dark Matter books, should bring in new talent.

So there will be an announcement about Duke and Signal and all of that soon, and I'm very, very proud of it."

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