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Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett's New Comic, The One You Feed, Out Now
A few weeks ago, Bleeding Cool reported on two new comic books from Donny Cates, one called Wereworld with Dylan Burnett and another called Flood with Megan Hutchison both from Image Comics Well, it looks as if Donny Cates has been in discussion with m'learned friends and it may have been pointed out that there[...]
Or the truth behind All-Black the necrosword in Venom and Thor, formed out of symbiote stuff and wielded as the godkiller that it is. Now Cates is teasing a new creator owned comic book with Dylan Burnett, who he has worked with on Interceptor and Cosmic Ghost Rider The big swords are back. My sword is the[...]
Marvel Reveals Details on New Ant-Man Series by Zeb Wells and Dylan Burnett
Bleeding Cool told you last week about the new Ant-Man series coming in February by writer Zeb Wells and artist Dylan Burnett, announced at London's MCM Comic Con But at the time, other than the series title and creative team, there were no other details Now Marvel has sent out a press release with details[...]
Vault Comics Goes All In on Cates and Burnett's Interceptor
Vault Comics has announced a renewed commitment to Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett's Interceptor trilogy, announcing in a press release today that they will finally publish a trade paperback collection of the first volume, Interceptor, next June In addition, as revealed yesterday, Interceptor #1 will return to print for Free Comic Book Day next May. Vault's[...]
Ed Brisson and Dylan Burnett Relaunch X-Force with Original Lineup in December
Not content with brutally murdering teenage X-Men like a modern day Dennis Hopeless in the Extermination X-over event, superstar writer Ed Brisson is teaming up with artist Dylan Burnett to relaunch X-Force in December The new series will star the original X-Force: Domino, Cannonball, Shatterstar, Boom Boom, and Warpath Cable, of course, won't be on[...]
Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 cover by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela
We'll hopefully get a good rendition of Thanos sooner than later. Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 art by Dylan Burnett and Antonio Fabela That brings us to the art, which is decent It's got a gritty yet goofy feeling that walks the tonal line better than the written narrative of the book Old Frank is grizzled but still[...]
Cosmic Ghost Rider
However, it looks like TBA has been replaced once again, as Marvel has revealed that Dylan Burnett will take over art chores on Cosmic Ghost Rider. "Cosmic Ghost Rider is such a blast to work on," said Cates in an article on Marvel.com "It's honestly pretty overwhelming how much the Marvel fans have embraced this crazy[...]
Simon Spurrier Brings Weavers To BOOM! Studios
Boom! Studios has a new series kicking off this week from Simon Spurrier and Dylan Burnett Weavers #1 is a macbre crime story with a twist and the familiar drama of dons, capos and made men. Weavers #1 (of 6) Writer: Simon Spurrier Artist: Dylan Burnett Sid, a young man with nothing going for himself, becomes an unlikely new[...]
Si Spurrer And Dylan Burnett's New Spider-Comic?
That's Toronto artist Dylan Burnett And it's all a bit Spider-Man-like… I find all sorts of things on the internet Tumblrs, twitters, FTP lists, on one occasion typing the word "Batman" into the DC Comics search engine and finding a roster of unannounced projects. Publishers are a lot more discrete these days, but even so, these[...]