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Discovery Speed Racer Reflects on the Film's Reputation and Recent Popularity While speaking to MovieWeb about the legacy of the live-action Speed Racer movie, actor Emile Hirsch admits, "What's interesting about Speed Racer is that the trajectory that it took, weirdly, is similar to the cartoon The cartoon only had like two seasons, maybe three[...]
Helen’s Dead: Beth Dover on Venturing into the Murder-Mystery Realm
It was great overall. Beth Dover and Emile Hirsch in "Helen's Dead" (2023) Image courtesy of Screen Media Films Regarding the comedy and whodunit aspects, what did 'Helen's Dead' allow you to do that you wouldn't normally do? It was a bit in my wheelhouse in the comedic sense, but I haven't gotten to do a murder mystery[...]
Walden Director Mick Davis on Inspiration Behind His Stenographer Hero
His latest project is Uncork'd Entertainment's crime thriller Walden, which follows Walden Dean (Emile Hirsch), a stenographer whose mind witnessed all types of injustices in the courtroom After discovering he has a terminal illness, repressed anger deep within him surfaces – taking justice into his own hands in the most gruesome ways imaginable Davis spoke[...]
Walden is a Bloody Deep Character Study of a Vigilante
And yet this vigilante tale is full of surprises, the greatest of which is the character of Walden Dean as played by Emile Hirsch—a tightly-wound, bowtie-wearing Southern gentleman who has turned court stenography into a sort of priestly calling. In the chat, Davis shares the inspiration behind the film, drawing from his love of classic Southern[...]
Pursuit Director Brian Skiba on Making Walking Tall Variant & Casting
I spoke to Skiba about how the film came to be, casting the principal roles in Emile Hirsch, Elizabeth Ludlow, and John Cusack, and what he struggled most during filming. Jake Manley and Elizabeth Ludlow in Pursuit (2022) Image courtesy of Lionsgate "The initial concept came from producer Andrew Stevens, who's an actor, producer, and a guy to[...]
Pursuit: Lionsgate Thriller Releases February 18th, Here's The Trailer
Pursuit is a new thriller coming from Lionsgate on February 18th, starring Emile Hirsch, John Cusack, Jake Manley, and Elizabeth Ludlow, directed by Brian Skiba, who wrote the script along with Andrew Stevens, Dawn Bursteen and Ben Fiore There is A LOT going on in this trailer, and none of it is what you would[...]
Midnight in the Switchgrass: Emile Hirsch on His Detective Narrative
Actor Emile Hirsch is glad he took a chance on producer Randall Emmett, who made his directorial debut on the crime drama Midnight in the Switchgrass The film follows an FBI agent and Florida State officer team up to investigate a string of unsolved murder cases Hirsch plays Byron Crawford, a detective who's also on[...]
Midnight in the Switchgrass: Caitlin Carmichael on Film’s Intensity
I was really excited to step into that and go into the deepest, darkest level of a character in a circumstance like this." Lionsgate's Midnight in the Switchgrass also stars Bruce Willis, Emile Hirsch, Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly, and Sistine Stallone The film comes to theaters, on-demand, and digital on July 23 and on DVD[...]
Halloween's Andi Matichak Stars In Trailer For Son, Out March 5th
The film also stars Luke David Blumm and Emile Hirsch, and is written and directed by Ivan Kavanagh The trailer for the film is dreary and creepy, and boy does it work I love this kind of storytelling, and you can see what I mean by checking out the Son trailer down below. Son Synopsis "After a[...]
Intense New Trailer For Peter Berg's Lone Survivor
A new trailer has dropped for Peter Berg's take on Navy SEALs, and Lone Survivor definitely looks like an intense ride, and also, you know, pretty sad, given its title and all, coupled with the fact that we start off with Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, Taylor Kitsch and Emile Hirsch This one has apparently started[...]
Bleeding Cool Review – Prince Avalanche
Becky Lewis writes for Bleeding Cool. In recent years David Gordon Green has been turning his hand to more studio friendly (but not necessarily box office friendly) fare, such as Pineapple Express and Your Highness. So this year's Prince Avalanche, a hilariously heartbreaking piece on loneliness and being alone, is a welcome return to the indie scene for the director[...]