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Steamforged Games' Next Epic Encounters Have Spine-Tingling Undead
Steamforged Games, a company of tabletop miniature game designers working with all manner of licensed games (such as Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Board Game and Resident Evil 3: The Board Game) and original games alike (including Guild Ball and Godtear), has released information for their next set of Epic Encounters modules! Titled Arena of the Undead Horde and Tower of the[...]
Steamforged Games' "Web Of The Spider Tyrant" Is Hair-Raising Fun
Steamforged Games, a well-known tabletop game design company whose games include Godtear, Guild Ball, and many licensed options, has announced the upcoming release of their next boxed boss-monster set for Epic Encounters, their role-playing game supplement for the fifth edition of a certain very widely popular role-playing game This boxed set is assured to make your skin[...]
Review: Steamforged Games "Temple Of The Snake God" Boxed Set
Yesterday, we got a chance to review the "Chambers of the Serpent Folk" module boxed set for Steamforged Games' Epic Encounters series of tabletop role-playing game miniatures Well, Steamforged apparently did not think this was enough snake-itude for us to handle (to our delight!), and so we got ahold of another slithery release in this[...]
Review: Steamforged Games "Chambers Of The Serpent Folk" Boxed Set
Steamforged Games, the game designers behind Horizon: Zero Dawn: The Board Game and Godtear, have mastered this concept and thusly have released a number of modules for their Epic Encounters series of miniatures, for use in the Fifth Edition version of a certain RPG system that many people know and love In fact, we got ahold of[...]
Steamforged Games Previews Labyrinth Of The Goblin Tsar Miniatures
Its overwhelming impact is why it's not a shock that Steamforged Games, a tabletop gaming design company that's well-known for its highly detailed miniature-based games, has made something seemingly inspired by the film. The next upcoming Epic Encounters release, coming out on September 10th of this year, is Labyrinth of the Goblin Tsar This appears to hearken[...]
Steamforged Games Releases All-New Epic Encounters Boxed Sets
Tabletop miniature company Steamforged has done it again – with two new boxed sets for their beloved Epic Encounters series of miniatures, Steamforged has a new set of miniatures for the most avid of tabletop gamers and RPG enthusiasts This time around, adventuring parties can expect to encounter hordes of goblins led by a warmongering chieftain[...]