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Antar the Black Knight #1 cover by Eric Battle and Jason Scott Jones
However, destiny may have something else in mind for Antar than love and marriage. Antar the Black Knight #1 cover by Eric Battle and Jason Scott Jones Antar: The Black Knight #1 is something of an origin story for the character We see his youth, his origins, and how his mother lived While there is some great[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – George R R Martin's Wild Cards: The Hard Call #1
This is all to coincide with the release of White Sand, the new graphic novel by writer Brandon Sanderson. Here we have the first issue of Martin's Wild Cards: The Hard Call #1 adapted by Daniel Abraham and drawn by Eric Battle. As we head into the holiday weekend here in the states, Dynamite had sent[...]
"Some People Believe In The Harvester The Same Way Some People Believe In Bigfoot" – Brandon Seifert On His New Project
The cover art is by Eric Battle (X-Men, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman), and issue #1 of the 10-issue series launches February 11 I talked with Seifert about the series and what readers can expect. BLEEDING COOL: Let's start with the titular character here The Harvester sounds like a cross between a vigilante and a folk tale… something like the Mexican legend El Cucuy[...]
Aspen Comics Celebrates Black History Month With Website And Social Media Campaign
Put together by Fathom: Sourcebook writer Tabu, there will be a showcases from Koi Turnbull, Khary Randolph, Talent Caldwell, Emilio Lopez, Hannibal Tabu, Eric Battle, Rob Stull, Larry Welch, Saleem Crawford, Keron Grant, Marla Johnson, and Khari Evans. Tabu spoke about the project by saying: I have to give it up to my editors, Andrea Shea and[...]
Legendary Comics Deals With Random House Over New Graphic Novels From Judd Winick, Geoff Shaw, Jonathan Hennessey, Shane Davis, Brandon Seifert And Eric Battle
Legendary will continue to work with Diamond in the direct market. In addition to distribution, Penguin Random House will provide sales, production, and publishing services. A Town Called Dragon: Writer: Judd Winick Artist: Geoff Shaw Modern-day America and ancient mythology collide when the last dragon egg finally hatches, and an ordinary group of citizens must unite to defeat it. Coming in[...]