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The Expanse: How Season 5 Wrote Out an Actor Who Was #MeToo’d
The same can apply to any and every space opera now: Star Wars, Star Trek, Blake's 7, Farscape, Red Dwarf, you name it! Any time the writers need to get rid of a character for whatever reason, they can just have them travel at extreme speed, including warp speed without protection, and Boom! Stroke! Dead![...]
Fascape, NBCUniversal
Here's an unexpected panel for Comic-Con@Home: "Farscape… To Be Continued" brought together some of the original cast and the writers to talk about the show The main reason? Farscape is now on Amazon Prime and there has been talk of its return Series creator Rockne S Bannon (who also wrote the first Alien movie directed[...]
Review: "Farscape" 20th Anniversary - The Complete Series
This week, Sony officially released the Farscape – The Complete Series on Blu-ray as part of the show's 20th Anniversary celebration The show has been released onto home media a few different ways since it was dropped onto Australia's Nine Network and North America's old Sci-Fi Channel back in the late '90s And while every[...]
“Farscape” Fans Rejoice with the Statue of Moya Coming Soon
Farscape fans can spend their money on something of yet again with the leviathan transport Moya This special spacecraft is more than just any ordinary spacecraft as it is a living breathing thing In celebration of Farscape 20th anniversary, Chronicle Collectibles is giving us the ability to own a replica of Moya[...]
ThinkGeek Assures Us at SDCC That They are Here to Stay
TMNT, Ghostbusters, Dark Crystal, Farscape, even Plan 9 From Outer Space! Other exclusives include a Beast Kingdom Phoenix figure, a Mego Star Trek Spock figure with swappable Mirror Universe Spock parts, and multiple Funko ThinkGeek exclusives, including the Office Space poster guy. Check a couple of these out below, and if you are at the show, make[...]
Hey 'Farscape' Fans- Full Series Hits Amazon Streaming Tomorrow!
2019 will be the 20th anniversary of science fiction series Farscape Amazon is celebrating by bringing the ENTIRE series to their streaming service beginning tomorrow, March 19th, the anniversary of the show's first airing. Chairman of The Jim Henson Company Brian Henson commented about the release, saying: "Farscape is one of my most favorite productions, and I am so[...]
Brian Henson Talks Netflix's 'Dark Crystal' at Dragon Con
It takes place significantly earlier than when the movie took place." We're super hopeful this The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance  partnership will result in something special, and judging by Henson's comments on what he's seen of the production so far, it sounds like a real possibility. Brian Henson during the Dragon Con 2018 interview session, photo by Bill[...]
Brian Henson Offers Updates on His 'Farscape' Movie
Brian Henson hates to sound like a broken record, but he does want to assure fans that he hasn't forgotten about Farscape. Brian Henson during the 2018 Creature Shop Challenge Live at Dragon Con, photo by Mary Anne Butler Two years ago, also at Dragon Con no less, Henson confirmed the longstanding rumor that he was indeed working[...]
Dragon Con: 32 Photos from Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge Live
Contestants had 27 days to build puppets inspired by Henson's Farscape, and/or space [Most chose the former] The contest was hosted by Gigi Edgley (who played Chiana on Farscape), and was judged by Kirk Thatcher (Dinosaurs, Gremlins, Star Trek: III), and President of Television for The Jim Henson Company Halle Stanford (The Dark Crystal:  Age of Resistance). [All photos by Mary Anne Butler] #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1[...]
Free Comic Book Day Mouse Guard Hardcover In Full – For Free
eBay certainly has, its a twelve dollar book. But now, courtesy of Bleeding Cool, you can read the whole thing for free, below, including a new Farscape story that might indicate a whole new future for that project… The FCBD 2014 Mouse Guard 56 page hardcover from Archaia was allocated, as you may have noticed[...]
The Beginning Of A New Farscape Comic From Archaia?
Farscape, the late nineties sci-fi TV show has been through a number of comic book adaptations. In 2002, Wildstorm produced a two-part Farscape comic And that was it for six years until Boom and Jim Henson Company did a deal for a series of mini-series in 2008 and on ongoing series from 2009 before finishing in 2011. And that was[...]