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3 Reasons You Should Read The Feathers HC Edition From Archaia
This week brings the release of Jorge Corona's epic tale Feathers in a beautifully put together hardcover from Archaia. I remember the first time I sat down to read the first issue of this series I remember feeling like there was magic in the pages, and I don't often feel that way when I read things[...]
A Heartwarming Ending To Feathers
When I held this month's new issue of Feathers in my hands, I couldn't help but feel a little sad knowing this was the last issue After all, I had enjoyed the previous five so much, that it was hard to think about it all coming to an end None the less, I faced my[...]
No Shame For A Flying Boy In Feathers #5
When I picked up the second to last issue of Feathers this morning, I found myself filled with anxiety for how things would turn out for the beloved Poe and his friend Bianca From BOOM! Studios and Archaia, written and illustrated by Jorge Corona, Feathers #5 couldn't be released quick enough I mentioned at the[...]
Liberating, Inspiring, Feathers #4 Elevates The Story To A Whole New Level
Feathers, from BOOM! Studios and Archaia, written and illustrated by Jorge Corona continues to impress me with every single issue This month's, issue #4, elevates the story to a whole new level with a script so well written, that you won't be able to fight the emotional ups and downs throughout Poe and Bianca have[...]
Betrayal, Action, Emotion: Poe Comes Into His Own In Feathers #3
Bianca and Poe's race to the heart of the city continues in Feathers #3, from BOOM! Studios and Archaia, written and illustrated by Jorge Corona Prepare yourself for an issue packed with betrayal, action, and emotion The city continues to panic about the "daughter of the city" missing, and we see how that is affecting[...]
A Genuine Bond Forms In The Classic Fairytale World Of Feathers #2
From BOOM! Studios and Archaia, comes Feathers #2, written and illustrated by Jorge Corona The story picks up where we left off in issue one with main characters Bianca and Poe's first encounter Two unlikely characters come together and react to one another's differences After the initial shock wears off, Bianca is convinced that Poe[...]
Ken Niimura Covers Joe Corona's Feathers
We told you about Joe Corona's new Archaia / BOOM! Studios book Feathers back in October Now the official announcement for the series went out and included the original cover by Corona and the incentive cover by Ken Niimura (I Kill Giants) It also mentions a 10th anniversary cover by Ramon K Perez (The Amazing[...]
Jorge Corona's Feathers Takes Flight In January
Marvel has already announced the Max Ride series adapting the genetically altered avian-ish teenagers of the Maximum Ride novels. And now Archaia are publishing Feathers, a new comic book series by Jorge Corona who has just had his new comic Goners published by Image Though Feathers is a little more all-ages…. A series created as part of his[...]
How Many Feathers Should The Dinosaurs Of Turok Have?
Note they have some feathers, but not a lot of feather More of a headcrest. Of late, comics like Tyrannosaurus Rex by Jeff Zornow and Next Men by John Byrne have featured a more feathered variety, which seems to my more in line with current scientific thinking. Because with every passing year, we seem to discover[...]