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Sheena, Queen of the Jungle #4, Fiction House 1948.
comic book debut in Jumbo Comics #1… that is another incredibly tough comic book to get.  However, when it comes to her own series Sheena, Queen of the Jungle #1-18 (1942-1953), ComicConnect has you covered this week, as they've got the best Registry Set of the series up for auction this week in their Event[...]
Jumbo Comics covers by Maurice Whitman.
But in 1947, he began working for the publisher with which he would make his mark: Fiction House.  Whitman worked on interior stories for the likes of Wings Comics, Planet Comics, Jungle Comics and other Fiction House titles 1947-1950 before starting to get cover work as well.  Maurice Whitman created dozens of covers for Fiction[...]
Fight Comics #36 (Fiction House, 1945)
But this legacy almost certainly influenced the genesis of far more comic books than those featuring Wonder Woman, particularly comics published by Fiction House There's a number of these comic books, several issues of Fight Comics, available in today's 2021 July 25-26 Sunday & Monday Comic Books Select Auction #122130 from Heritage Auctions. Fight Comics #36 (Fiction[...]
Fiction House's War Birds Comic and Operation Vagabond
War Birds was a short-lived, three-issue air combat series from mainstay Golden Age comic book publisher Fiction House.  The debut issue has no date month but was on the stands at the same time as August 1952 cover-dated Fiction House titles, and its Library of Congress copyright date places its release around July 7, 1952[...]
Very Objectionable: Supernatural & "Sexy Implications" of Ghost Comics
EC Comics titles like Haunt of Fear, Shock SuspenStories, and Tales from the Crypt; Fawcett title This Magazine is Haunted; and even enduring Marvel Comics titles like Strange Tales have all transcended the politically-motivated witch hunt stigma of the 1950s to be considered well-crafted classics in the modern day.  But a few of those 65[...]
The cover of PS Artbooks Softee Planet Comics.
You may even stumble across new titles you never knew about before! Ready to dive into the second volume of the PS Artbooks Softee Planet Comic series? This softcover book collects issues 4-6 of the popular Fiction House title, which issues were printed between April-June of 1940 Writers and artists included are Charles Sultan, Arthur Peddy,[...]
Jon Berk Collection Session 1 Comic And Art Auction Highlights: Winning The Planet
 Session 1 included Original Artwork and comics from A-1 Comics to Amazing Spider-Man. Jon Berk Collection Session 1 Artwork The original art highlight of Jon Berk Collection Session 1 has got to be the sale of the original cover art from Planet Comics #1 (Fiction House, 1940) by Lou Fine for $146,444.00 Aside from the size of[...]