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Eddie Brock Admits He's Only the 2nd-Best Venom in Next Week's Venom #8

Eddie Brock is probably most people's first choice when it comes to Venom symbiote partners, but it might surprise you to learn that he's not the first choice of the Venom symbiote himself. At least, that's what Eddie Brock reveals while ruminating over the somewhat-recently-deceased (see Amazing Spider-Man #800) Flash Thompson in a graveyard simulation […]

Amazing Spider-Man #800 cover by Alex Ross

Amazing Spider-Man #800 Review: A Hard Comic to Recommend?

All Spider-Man's allies are down thanks to the Red Goblin… or at least they both think. Now Osborn is going after those close to Peter Parker, starting with Aunt May and Mary Jane Watson. Thankfully, Venom and Doctor Octopus have stakes in this fight, and Mary Jane and May are far from helpless. Plus, Harry […]

Amazing Spider-Man #799 cover by Alex Ross

Amazing Spider-Man #799 Review: The Amazing Friends VS the Red Goblin

The Amazing Spider-Man is out of commission and gone to ground, but he has his superhero allies looking after those whom the Red Goblin may yet target. Human Torch, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Silk, Agent Ant-Venom, and Clash are recruited to be on watch for Norman Osborn. The Goblin shows up before long, and it's up […]

Amazing Spider-Man #796 cover by Alex Ross

Amazing Spider-Man #796 Review: Better, but Still Not Good

Agent Anti-Venom is becoming a beloved hero across New York City, and Liz Allen of Alchemax hires/vaguely threatens Flash Thompson into working security at a demonstration for the company. Meanwhile, Peter Parker convinces the Daily Bugle to report on the demonstration after receiving an invite from Liz Allen as well. Mary Jane Watson also arrives […]

Venom Inc. Omega Cover by Ryan Stegman and Brian Reber

Venom Inc. Omega Review: Symbiotezilla Attacks New York

The day appears to be won, but Lee Price isn't down yet. The remnants of the people he infected as Maniac return to him, turning him into a giant Symbiote monster in the image of Venom. Spider-Man, Anti-Venom, Black Cat, Venom, and Mania still have a fight on their hands. Like the last issue of […]

Venom #160 cover by Gerardo Sandoval and David Curiel

Venom #160 Review: Dumb but Fun Symbiote Extravaganza

Venom, Anti-Venom, Mania, Black Cat, and the Amazing Spider-Man are gearing up for an assault on the meeting place of the Five Families, which has just been taken over by Lee Price, aka Maniac, and his symbiote-infested hordes. It's up to these five to free the victims and bring Maniac down. You know what? If […]

Amazing Spider-Man #793 cover by Alex Ross

Amazing Spider-Man #793 Review: Abysmal Dialogue and Humorless Jokes

Spider-Man has been infected by Maniac's symbiote and is on a crime spree across New York. This has all been designed to draw out the Black Cat, whom has gone to ground. Agent Anti-Venom is the only one who can save Spider-Man from the symbiote. Elsewhere, Black Cat has surfaced alongside Eddie Brock, who has […]

Venom #159 cover by Gerardo Sandoval and David Curiel

Venom #159 Review: Best Issue of Venom Inc. So Far

*Ties into the Venom Inc. Crossover Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and the new Anti-Venom (Flash Thompson) are pitted against the symbiote hordes of Maniac, aka former-Venom Lee Price. Elsewhere, Eddie Brock begins his search for his other half through the streets of New York. This is undoubtedly the best issue of the Venom Inc. crossover thus […]

Amazing Spider-Man #792 cover by Alex Ross

Amazing Spider-Man #792 Review: Spider-Man is the Real Monster

*Part of the Venom Inc. crossover With Flash Thompson now Anti-Venom'd up, he and Spider-Man are able to subdue and remove the Venom symbiote from Eddie Brock. Spider-Man leaves Eddie tied up at Alchemax, and Webhead and the new Anti-Venom leave to track down the off-shoot of Venom that was stolen from Mania in the […]

Marvel Comics Venom Inc. Alpha #1 cover by Ryan Stegman

Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Alpha #1 Review: A Venom Trifecta

Flash Thompson hasn't given up on retrieving the Venom symbiote and returning to his life as Agent Venom, Avenger, Space Knight, and Guardian of the Galaxy. To do this, he asks Peter Parker to get his "pal" Spider-Man to help him discover who stole the symbiote from him months back. Meanwhile, Eddie Brock, who has […]

Venom #154 Review: Life Through Flat Eyes

Let's travel back in time to before Venom #155 to Venom #154, which hit store shelves this past week. Alright, we are back in time. Boy, I hope Marvel: Legacy is good, and Mark Bagley returning to do the art for Venom has me full of excitement! Oh no! We went too far back! There are […]

The Gay Flash Thompson That Never Was (UPDATE)

Jack Fisher attended the Baltimore Comic Con this year and went to the Marvel Panel with Mark Waid, Mark Bagley, and Ed McGuinness. He reports to Bleeding Cool that during a conversation about working with certain writers, Ultimate Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley revealed that there had been a plan to make the Ultimate Spider-Man version […]