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The Eagle #1 (Fox, 1941)
The Eagle first appeared in the venerable Fox Features Syndicate early 1940 release Science Comics #1.  As the series name implies, the origin of his powers was based in science: "Bill Powers, young scientist, discovers an anti-gravitation fluid which, when placed on his specially designed wings, enables him to fly like a bird."  But the[...]
Sunny #13 (Fox, 1948)
Al Feldstein is best known for his legendary association with EC Comics, as a writer, artist, and editor on a wide variety of material, and as the editor of Mad from 1956 to 1985.  But before then, he made his mark on a tried and true comics genre staple of a different kind.  In 1947,[...]
After a seven-issue start as a funny animal title, Victor Fox company Fox Features Syndicate transformed its All Top Comics series into the kind of content it has become best known for to collectors in the decades since.  The title is best remembered today for its jungle girl-centric content featuring the likes of Rulah and[...]
Green Mask #6 (Fox Features Syndicate, 1941)
We discussed some early Blue Beetle origin revisions recently, and a similar situation developed with another Fox Features Syndicate hero named Green Mask.  Both characters had debuted in Mystery Men Comics #1 in 1939 and got a soft reboot with added superpowers when they both received their own series early the next year.  In Green[...]
Blue Beetle #5 Vitamin 2x.
They probably mean #5. It's worth wondering if the introduction of Vitamin 2X was a crafty way of promoting Victor Fox's notorious and legendary attempt at launching a soft drink, Kooba Cola.  He began advertising Kooba the month after Vitamin 2X's introduction, and marketing promoted the cola's "invigorating" inclusion of Vitamin B-1.  Fox briefly introduced the[...]
Mystery Men #1, 1939, Fox Features Syndicate, Blue Beetle title panel.
Mystery Men Comics #1 hit the newsstand in the same month as Action Comics #14, Detective Comics #29 (two issues after the debut of Batman in Detective Comics #27), and Adventure Comics #40 (the debut of the golden age Sandman).  There's a Mystery Men Comics #1 CGC Apparent GD+ 2.5 Moderate (C-3) Off-white to white[...]
Phantom Lady #19, Fox Features Syndicate, 1948.
Issue for issue, Fox Features Syndicate's 1947-1949 run of the title Phantom Lady is one of the most sought-after titles in American vintage comics history.  It's 12 issues of gorgeously delineated covers and art from Matt Baker, Jack Kamen, and others.  Countless articles have been written about Baker and his talents — his sure-handed composition[...]