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The History Of DC Original Artwork At Auction - Kirby, Kane, Kubert +
Craig Russell, Jim Starlin, Jim Aparo, and Frank Thorne, Bill Sienkiewicz, Matt Wagner, Howard Chaykin, and Brian Bolland. History Of DC Comics Original Artwork This art was initially created for use as part of a deluxe, hardcover-version of the History of the DC Universe published by DC When Graphitti Designs, headed by Bob Chapman, was given the opportunity[...]
Frank Thorne Far Out Green Super Cool #2 Original Artwork.
One of the things I love about comics history is that no matter how much you research and read, the next surprise is waiting for you right around the corner.  Talented artist Frank Thorne is best known for his formative work on Marvel's Red Sonja.  His career has run the gamut from newspaper strips and[...]
Frank Thorne Red Sonja #2 Story Page 7 Original Art (Marvel, 1977)
Howard, the character's early formative years also included significant contributions from artist Frank Thorne.  There are a pair of early Frank Thorne Red Sonja pages in today's 2021 January 24-25 Sunday & Monday Comics, Animation, Video Games & Art Weekly Online Auction from Heritage Auctions — Marvel Feature #6 story page 15 original art (1976)[...]
Dynamite Collects Red Sonja Stories from The Savage Sword of Conan
The 200+ page collection features issues from the original Marvel Comics series The Savage Sword of Conan, an introduction by Red Sonja writer and former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Roy Thomas, and a cover by legendary Red Sonja artist Frank Thorne. The collection features the work of writers Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, Doug Moench, Clair Noto, Frank Thorne,[...]
In The Wizard's Den With Frank Thorne
Dynamite has released the Frank Thorne's Red Sonja Art Edition Vol 2 hardcover earlier this month and Byron Brewer got the opportunity to visit with  the legendary artist about the work and his career This is the transcript of Byron's visit to Frank Thorne's studio. FRANK THORNE: Welcome to my studio, Byron. BYRON BREWER: It's an honor, Mr[...]
Exclusive Look Inside Frank Thorne's Red Sonja Artist Edition Vol 2
Dynamite has sent over a few exclusive pages from their Frank Thorne's Red Sonja Artist Edition Vol 2 which comes out this week. The book collects the first six issues of the 1977 Red Sonja comic book series written by Roy Thomas, Clara Noto and Wendy Pini. For more information on Frank Thorne's Red Sonja Artist Edition[...]
And Finally… The History Of The DC Universe, As It Was
Gilbert, Jim Starlin, Joe Kubert, Arthur Adams, Walter Simonson, Paul Norris, Mike Grell, Mary Wilshire, Andy Kubert, Gil Kane, Kurt Schaffenberger, Bob Kane, Curt Swan, George Pérez, Howard Chaykin, Jan Duursema, Carmine Infantino, Jim Steranko, Gray Morrow, Neal Adams, Murphy Anderson, Dave Gibbons, Gilbert Hernandez, Dan Spiegle, Frank Thorne, Ramona Fradon, Matt Wagner, Ernie Colon, Irwin[...]
Inside Look At Frank Thorne's Red Sonja Artist Edition Vol II
For some people you think of Walt Simonson you think of Thor, Curt Swan you think of Superman… and for a lot of folks you think of  Frank Thorne you think of Red Sonja Thorne took over the character from Dick Giordano in 1976 when she appeared in Marvel Feature and he drew most of[...]
Frank Thorne's Red Sonja Art Edition Review And Volume 2
Like receiving a copy of Frank Thorne's Red Sonja Art Edition from Dynamite I remember reading some Red Sonja books back in my formative youth and they way Frank Thorne drew her definitely made me look for more issues when I went to the local 7Eleven. This over sized tome is 120 pages of full-sized Red[...]