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Shiny Tapu Lele, Mega Gardevoir, & New Content Arrives in Pokémon GO
Shiny Frillish, Mega Gardevoir, and more are coming to Pokémon GO with the Valentine's Day 2023 event Let's get into the details. Tapu Lele & Mega Gardevoir in Pokémon GO Credit: Niantic Here are the full details for the Pokémon GO Valentine's Day 2023 Event: Date and time: Wednesday, February 8, 2023, at 10:00 a.m[...]
TCG Spotlight: Some of the Best Frillish Pokémon Cards
In honor of male Frillish becoming the Research Breakthrough encounter for the month of April 2021 in Pokémon GO, let's take a look back at some of the most iconic Frillish cards from the Pokémon TCG We're covering modern and vintage here, and we'd love to hear from you as well Let us know your[...]
Male Frillish is Live Today as the Pokémon GO Research Breakthrough
It's male Frillish, which is normally a GO Battle League-exclusive encounter. Frillish official artwork Credit: Pokémon Company International Starting today, April 1st at 1 PM Pacific, Research Breakthroughs claimed in Pokémon GO during the month of April will reward an encounter with male Frillish in Pokémon GO Frillish can spawn on the map, but it's the female Frillish, who[...]
April 2021 Spotlight Hour & Research Breakthroughs in Pokémon GO
In any case, we do have a useful Breakthrough coming in April 2021 in the form of the male Frillish Normally a GO Battle League exclusive, the male Frillish (the blue one) will take over as the Research Breakthrough reward starting Thursday, April 1st at 1 PM Pacific and running through Saturday, May 1st at[...]
New Species Frillish to Debut in Pokémon GO’s GO Battle League
In addition to information about the upcoming cups, Niantic will be releasing a new Pokémon as a GO Battle League-exclusive encounter: Frillish. Frillish in Pokémon GO Credit: Niantic Frillish will be able to be encountered by those who have hit Rank 20 in GO Battle League When first hitting that rank, it will be a guaranteed first[...]