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Frost Fatales 2023 Raises Over $150K For Games Done Quick
Games Done Quick announced today that Frost Fatales 2023 raised over $150k over the past week, all of which will be going to the Malala Fund In case you weren't aware, this is the winter version of GDQ's all-women speedrunning event, in which we saw over 65 different speedruns happen over the course of eight[...]
Games Done Quick's Frost Fatales 2023 Kicks Off On Sunday
Games Done Quick will be kicking off its next charity event on Sunday, February 26th, as Frost Fatales returns for another year to Twitch The all-women speedrunning event organized by GDQ will start on February 26th at 9:30am PT and run all the way until the end of the night on March 4th Some of[...]
Frost Fatales Will Kick Off On Twitch This Sunday
Games Done Quick will be starting their latest speedrun charity event, Frost Fatales 2022, this coming Sunday for a solid week on Twitch If you're not familiar with this one, starting on February 27th and running all the way to March 6th, you will see women speedrunners show off their skills as they run through[...]