Gamedec Multirealm Art

"Gamedec" Shows Off 10 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

Anshar Studios wanted to give fans a bit of a look into their upcoming title Gamedec by releasing a 10-minute gameplay video/walkthrough The devs have been in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make it, and as part of the experience, have released this new footage for you to enjoy[...]

"Gamedec" Gates A New Trailer Showing Off Low City

This week, Anshar Studios decided to show off a new area in Gamedec as we get a better look at the landscape of Low City The devs created a video and even a complete introduction, both of which we have here for you to check out Basically, this is the seedier part of down in[...]

Crime In A Future Time: We Played "Gamedec" At PAX West

While roaming through the Poland games section of PAX West 2019, we sat down with Anshar Studio to check out their next title, Gamedec The game was announced back at Gamescom 2019, showing that you play as a detective in the future where people basically live in online games And because of that, all the[...]

Anshar Studios Reveals "Gamedec" Prior To Gamescom 2019

Before everyone heads out to Cologne, Germany in a couple of weeks for Gamescom 2019, Anshar Studios decided to reveal their latest title Gamedec This is actually a cool concept to us as the game puts you int he shoes of a virtual detective who solves crimes in digital video game worlds It's part cyberpunk,[...]