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NYCC Panel Report: “Social Media Optimization for Comic Book Creators” (Part Two)

NYCC: Authenticity is King on Social Media!

Give a brand it’s biggest boost in years.Kasey said you should keep your link in the bio for a month, but keep updating your bio on Twitter.She also pointed out that only the first 4-6 hashtags are picked up by algorithms.Jason stressed you should get as much community engagement as possible, follow hashtags and respond[...]

NYCC Panel Report: “Social Media Optimization for Comic Book Creators” (Part 1)

NYCC: How to Build Your Brand on Social Media

He now hosts  The Cookie Show on TV and consulted on candy props on shows like Mad Men and Stranger Things. Ruthann Thompson co-runs Geek Chic Promotions and also Senior Retail Relations Manager at AfterShock Comics.Kasey Pierce write the Science Fiction comic series Norah, which has been optioned for a movie She credits social media for giving her a[...]

Geek Chic Gift Ideas For the Fashionable Fan

Oh goodie, yet-another-gift guide filling your feed- BUT WAIT this one has fandom fashions and geek chic suggestions!There is no shortage of companies specializing in nerdy novelty designs (in fact, that too is a company that does oven mitts, pot holders, and aprons using the best fabrics), but maybe you need a lil reminder of[...]

Black Milk Clothing Re-Releases Its Magical Labyrinth Collection

Australian brand Black Milk Clothing is known for having access to fantastic pop culture IPs for its lines of spandex fashion, and the company is bringing back one of its most popular. Jim Henson's seminal film Labyrinth is iconic for so many reasons; the music, the incredible puppetry and special effects, teenaged Jennifer Connelly's eyebrows, and of […]

Her Universe Launches 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Fashion Line, Includes Menswear

Fashion brand Her Universe is doing something they haven't tackled yet: menswear. Included in their next fandom line (it's Solo: A Star Wars Story), are some pieces made for men. That's not to say that previous items from the brand haven't been unisex, but this is the first time they're marketing items for men. The official […]

Roddenberry Releases Star Trek Starfleet Moto Jackets for Preorder

Who wouldn't want to wear one of these Star Trek-inspired moto jackets while exploring the galaxies?  Released today by the Roddenberry store for a crowdfunded preorder in order to celebrate the upcoming -45th Anniversary of First Contact Day (April 5th, 2063), the Starfleet moto jacket is a stylish way to celebrate your favorite science fiction series. […]

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Geek Chic: These Black Panther Accessories are Powerful and Bold

The costumes in Black Panther are downright stunning. The vibrant colors, the sleek and stylish fighting suits, and even the accessories were amazing. So it's no wonder that Marvel would want to translate that into sales. Recently I got my hands on the Loungefly Black Panther Purse and Claw pendant necklace from ThinkGeek. The purse […]

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Geek Chic: Get Enchanted with this Beauty and the Beast 3D Nail Art!

Tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast is a classic love story. The tale has inspired countless people, places, and things. Such as these stunning 3D nails! While I would love to wear something like these, they simply aren't practical. I'd be terrified of breaking one of the roses — thankfully, they aren't […]

oh my disney collection

The Oh My Disney Collection Adds a Dash of Magic to Your Wardrobe!

Introducing the @OhMyDisney Collection: 🙌🏼 — Disney (@Disney) January 26, 2018 Well, Disney fans, Disney has taken notice. Inspired by the countless fans who make their own Disney fashions, Disney has started making their own fun garments in response. The Oh My Disney collection is available over at shopDisney as well as your […]

faith sweater thinkgeek

Geek Chic: ThinkGeek's Faith Sweater is Perfect for the Heroes in Your Life

Recently ThinkGeek released an exclusive clothing line in conjunction with Valiant Comics, celebrating all things Faith! The line has three sweaters, so I knew I had to get one. I decided on the Valiant Harbinger Unisex Sweater. What's nice about this is that it's not overtly nerdy. You could get away with it on casual […]

faith clothing line

ThinkGeek and Valiant Team Up for This Fantastic Faith Clothing Line!

ThinkGeek and Valiant Comics have teamed up to release a line of clothing based on the hero Faith! The line only consists of three sweaters, but they're all pretty fantastic. The two cardigans list for $49.99, while the sweater lists for $59.99. Sizes range from small to 4x, and the simple design is even work […]

Elhoffer Designs Releases Sailor Moon Inspired Magical Girl Collection

One of our favorite small businesses catering to the nerdy, Elhoffer Designs is no stranger to the annals of geek chic fashion.  Not only do they have a wide selection of Disney-centric items (Marvel and Star Wars included) but there are also Hamilton and Game Of Thrones inspired things too.Yesterday, the independent fashion house posted this[...]

underground cosmetics bold hair dye

Underground Cosmetics: Bold Color For Bold People Who Dye

Underground Cosmetics, the new kids on the block of high-hue hair dye, has a pretty impressive product. I can say this after using the bold pigments on someone's hair who is very important to me — but more on that later. Underground Cosmetics hails from Los Angeles, and happens to be the brainchild of Andrew Shearer, Michael […]

labyrinth blackmilk clothing line

BlackMilk Clothing Releases Lookbook Of Upcoming Labyrinth Line

Australian retailer BlackMilk Clothing just released a lookbook for their upcoming clothing line release.  The company is no stranger to themed licensed releases, having previously worked with DC Comics and other notable names. The newest line just happens to be Labyrinth, that amazing fantasy classic from Jim Henson studios released in 1986 starring Jennifer Connelly and the late great David […]

Pinup Girl Clothing Releases Their Gothtastic Elvira Line

Ravishingly retro company Pinup Girl Clothing just released their new line of dresses inspired by the Mistress of the Dark, Elvira.  The Los Angeles based clothier is well known in the various fashion communities, and they specialize in the classic 'pinup girl' aesthetic. Just in time for the spoopy holidays, the collection of form fitting […]

Her Universe's Must Have Monday Deal: Studio Ghibli

Fandom fashion brand Her Universe continues to carry some of the most interesting licenses for their clothing and accessory lines.  Champions of the social media sales game, the folks at HU posted their newest set of "Monday Must Haves", which just happen to be from their Studio Ghibli line. Fans of the classic animated feature […]

Slay Like A Slayer- Hot Topic's Buffy Inspired Clothing Line

If you grew up in the 90s, and/or are a fan of Joss Whedon and his projects, chances are you know who Buffy Summers is, and you remember some of the more notable fashion choices of the times. 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Buffy The Vampire Slayer's pilot airing, and various companies are using that big […]

Her Universe Releases Wonder Woman Fashion Collab With Hot Topic

Her Universe, the fashion house built by fandom, just released their newest line of garments and it just so happens to be Wonder Woman themed! The brand has been sponsoring a design competition and fashion show for the past three years during San Diego's Comic Con International (SDCC), and the winners of 2016's event collaborated […]