Ready Player One: Hot Topic Releases Their Merchandise, And We Need It ALL

Yes yes, I know, I've been talking a lot about Ready Player One and the film isn't even OUT yet.  Part of this is because the book, "Ready Player One" by Ernie Cline, had such a strong impact when I read it.

Part of the excitement anytime an existing property gets made into a movie is definitely the merchandise that comes with it, not gonna lie. There hasn't really been much officially released for the book (or the film) until today, and Hot Topic came through in a big way.

I need everything in this collection, and I'm not sure where to start. We already showed you the new Funko Pops coming from the line, but if you haven't seen them, here.

The Three Keys bath bombs apparently smell like peppermint, honey & lavender.

The Three Keys bathbombs.  These are absolutely ridiculous but I love them, and I'm ordering them for myself to use at WonderCon (because I don't have a tub at home). Also, does it bother anyone else that the keys are out of freaking order??

A shirt for Gunters. (men's sizes)

A new Iron Giant shirt. (also men's sizes)

This storyline throwback to the creator of the OASIS's business, Gregarious Games shirt. (Men's sizing again, boo).

How about a fragrance for Gunters?  No really, they're doing a perfume (unisex, I guess?) that comes with the keys:  "Join the quest and smell appropriately. This exclusive fragrance from Ready Player One has notes of ambrette seeds, sea salt and sage so you're ready to crack the Easter Eggs!"

A shirt for Gunters who hate IoI aka SUXORS. (again with the men's sizes)

There *are* some female shirts, but as usual they cost $2-5 dollars more than the men's sizing.  The best is definitely this ringer tee with the keys and an attempt at the quatraine from Anorak's Invitation.

The boys' pjs, of course, because pockets.  What the hell is up with that anyway?  My previous three pairs of HT pj pants have all been marketed to boys because they had pockets and none of the ladies ones (at the time) did.

A makeup palette marketed for Art3mis, but it's silly because the only time she would even WEAR makeup is at Og's party.

A scoreboard bracelet, and yes I already ordered one.

This Parzival/Art3mis friendship bracelet which makes ZERO SENSE. If anything, it should be Parzival and Aech if you're calling it "friendship".

Check out the collection on Hot Topic's website now.

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