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Is Gen: Lock #6 The Rarest Modern Day DC Comic Ever?
But some folk in the US realised and sold copies of the comic for $100. Gen: Lock #6 Which was handy when I came across a copy in a local store I put it on eBay for a week without going over a dollar And after no interest whatsoever, it got picked up by Key Collector App. Key[...]
Gen: LOCK's Gray Haddock Answers 5 Questions About Mecha Mayhem Series (INTERVIEW)
Gen: LOCK debuted on Rooster Teeth early in 2019, and in many ways pushes the traditional boundaries of mecha based animation Gen: LOCK features an all-star cast, cutting edge animation, and some truly wicked mech designs. I had the chance recently to ask Gray Haddock, the creature of gen: LOCK, five pressing questions about the big[...]