Gen:Lock #6 – A Pulped DC Comic That Escaped To The UK?

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran an article about three comic books that DC Comics and Marvel had pulped rather than publish, as pandemic hit back in the first half of 2020. Which also led a couple of people to tell me about Gen:Lock #6. Part of a seven-issue mini-series, based off the web series of the same name by Rooster Teeth. The final two issues were not published in print, but rather issued digitally.

However, a few copies have turned up from comic book stores, of Gen:Lock #6, principally but not entirely from stores or sellers in the UK. It looks like before the shutdown, copies were distributed to Diamond UK. And as DC Comics left Diamond Comics Distributors and the US-side of Gen:Lock #6 was withdrawn, Diamond UK just… distributed what it had, rather than return them to the US.

Gen:Lock #6 - A Pulped DC Comic That Escaped To The UK?
Gen:Lock #6 – A Pulped DC Comic That Escaped To The UK?

As to why? I don't know. Maybe the print publishing license ran out? That's my best guess. Some folk have realised it might be a catch and are listing – and have sold copies of the comic – for $100 or more. Others for three bucks.

But it does remind me of the 80-Page Elseworlds Giant that was pulped by then-DC President and Publisher Paul Levitz, as it featured a Kyle Baker scene with Superbaby in the microwave oven. Copies had already reached the UK, and no one realised this was an issue until a few folk on USENET messageboards asked how the British guys were talking about the comic when no one else had copies. It all came out on my Rich's Revelations column back then – but not before I'd picked up 35 copies from Forbidden Planet in London (still leaving plenty on the shelf, all I could afford) and I slowly sold them over the next month to Americans, starting at $20 and finishing at $200 to employees at DC Comics. Kyle Baker got his copy from me for free. But it did pay for a bathroom and a honeymoon. Say, has anyone in the UK got 35 copies of Gen:Lock #6?

GEN LOCK #6 (OF 7)
(W) Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing (A) Carlo Barberi, Walden Wong (CA) Dan Mora
Team gen:LOCK's plan is in place: invade Siege and free Chase from Sycorax's clutches. But that's Sycorax's home turf, where they have complete control over their surroundings. Can Cammie lead the team on this successful mission, or will it be game over? In Shops: Oct 28, 2020 SRP: $3.99

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