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London Has Fallen Sets Sights On A Replacement Director

Prospects for a replacement weren't looking good and according to THR, star Gerard Butler may have contemplated leaving the project.Three directors names rose to the surface. Wayne Blair (The Sapphires) and Gary Fleder (Runaway Jury) were considered but Scandinavian helmer Babak Najafi, (Easy Money II: Hard to Kill) rose to the top and is now in talks to take over London[...]

Olympus Has Fallen Gets A Sequel And A Director

According to THR, Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckart and Morgan Freeman have all signed on to reprise their roles from Olympus Has Fallen in the cleverly titled sequel: London Has Fallen Fredrik Bond, a video director whose first feature was Charlie Countryman is in talks to direct.In the script, most recent draft written by Christian Gudegast[...]

Gerard Butler Drops Out Of Point Break Remake

There may be some signs of trouble on the new film, as THR reports Gerard Butler has now dropped out of the starring role.The big reason appears to be scheduling, as Point Break had been planning to begin shooting in late June, while Butler has also committed to starring in Olympus Has Fallen sequel London[...]

Gerard Butler Taking Over Patrick Swayze Role In Point Break Remake

Gerard Butler has now been cast in the updated version of Kathryn Bigelow's 1991 actioner, according to THR.The new version will be directed by The Fast and the Furious DP Ericson Core (how ironic) and will be set in the international extreme sports scene rather than Southern California surfing Butler is taking over the role[...]

London Will Fall In The Sequel To Olympus Has Fallen

Army Ranger (Gerard Butler), an MI6 agent and the President of the United States (Aaron Eckhart).I'm very intrigued to see how that will all be explained.In addition to Butler and Eckart, Morgan Freeman, Rahda Mitchell and Angela Bassett will reportedly be back too They'll supposedly be in London for the Prime Minister's funeral - not[...]

Casting Roundup: Gerard Butler, Geoffrey Rush, Jason Segal And More

[Deadline]• Gerard Butler is still fielding offers for sword-and-sandal action flicks even though 300 was, like, seven years ago and he hasn't really had any hits since He's joining Alex Proyas' Gods of Egypt, playing the nemesis of Game of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau On the plus side, Geoffrey Rush has also joined the cast to[...]

Olympus Has Fallen — The Bleeding Cool Review

Gerard Butler is on the Presidential protection detail A terrible accident, involving the criminally underused Ashley Judd, occurs and Gerard is banished to the wastelands of the Treasury.Eighteen months later a colossal attack on the White House takes place, and Gerard just happens to make it into the West Wing to start taking down miscellaneous[...]

Olympus Has Fallen Trailer – Gerard Butler Dies Hard In The White House

What if a down in the dumps secret service member had to save the President when the White House comes under terrorist attack?As far as the 'rescue mission after terrorist attack' genre goes this  is a bit bigger than Die Hard, but a bit smaller than Lockout.Gerard Butler plays the secret service member, Aaron Eckhart plays the president[...]

Machine Gun Preacher Trailer – From The Director Of World War Z

At the moment, he's currently shooting World War Z (in the head, most probably), but his next film out of the traps is going to be the based-on-a-true-story Machine Gun Preacher with Gerard Butler and Michelle Monaghan.[youtube][/youtube]Looks quite routine, but I'll give it a shot, as always[...]