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Long Rumored Simon Bisley Series Comes Out Digitally
Jackson (Hitman: Absolution) and colored by Ryan Brown (The Tower Chronicles) and it will include pieces by guest artists Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Choker, Fell), Glenn Fabry (Preacher, Sandman), and Kan Muftic (senior concept artist on the smash hit video games Batman Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City). The project is described as: "Set in present day[...]
A Forgotton Jam By Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Melinda Gebbie, Grant Morrison, Bryan Talbot, Clive Barker, Mark Buckingham, Glenn Fabry, Duncan Fegredo, Hunt Emerson and Phil Elliott
Contributors to the print include Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Grant Morrison, Bryan Talbot, Clive Barker, Mark Buckingham, Glenn Fabry, Duncan Fegredo, Melinda Gebbie, Hunt Emerson and Phil Elliott The artists' proof he's reproducing it from has been on his wall for nearly a quarter-century, but until now it's been published only in the programme for[...]
Three DC Comics For Hallowe'en – Ghosts, Lot 13 And Bedlam
The first is Lot 13 from Steve Niles and Glenn Fabry, originally for Wildstorm's creator owned line, but a long time getting to publication And this is your proper, classic, non-ironic modern ghost story A terrible thing happened a long time ago… a family killed by a father who then committed suicide, have their corpses[...]
Two DC Comics Not To Ignore For Hallowe'en – Lot 13 And Ghosts
With the New 52 and Before Watchmen, Girl With A Dragon Tattoo and Get Jiro taking all the DC headlines, it's worth checking for a couple of projects that may go amiss otherwise. The first is Lot 13 by Steve Niles and Glenn Fabry, originally comissioned as a Wildstorm creator owned mini-series, it's tucked in the[...]
How Much Would You Pay For The Cover Of Vengeance Of Bane?
Glenn Fabry's artwork for the cover for Vengeance Of Bane, the first appearance of the character currently appearing in The Dark Knight Rises is currently selling for $17,925 from Heritage Auctions, being sold by the Shamuses. Which is only just more than dealers were trying to get for the actual comic book at San Diego Comic[...]
Monday Runaround – A Cover By Glenn Fabry Will Always Do The Trick
You use a cover by Glenn Fabry. BRITISH band Mystery Jets have launched a graphic novel to accompany their new album Radlands. Lead singer Blaine Harrison says the new graphic novel, called The Ballad of Emmerson Lonestar, is a three-part modern western, telling the story of a "jaded, lovesick country singer and mystic" in search of a[...]
Two Pages From Steven Niles And Glenn Fabry's Lot 13
Two pages from an upcoming Wildstorm creator-owned comic – and now, presumably, a DC creator-owned comic, Lot 13 from Steven Niles and Glenn Fabry The first page is from the second issue, the second page is from the fourth Quite a way into production then… This is what I like to wake up to Two[...]
Garth Ennis – When 2000AD Was The Future
A glance at the roster of talent involved is enough to take the breath away, and it should be remembered that a whole generation of readers was able to pick up almost any given issue and see a dozen of these guys at their very best. So thank you: Pat Mills, John Wagner, Gerry Finley-Day, Alan[...]