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Marjorie Finnegan: Temporal Criminal #1: Glenn Fabry Variant Covers
The Boys and Preacher creator Garth Ennis has teamed up with long-time friend and colleague, Eisner-Award-winning artist Glenn Fabry and colorist Karen Holloway on MARJORIE FINNEGAN: TEMPORAL CRIMINAL #1 variant for UK retailer Simon Payne of Sad Lemon Comics. "Marjorie Finnegan: Temporal Criminal #1", Glenn Fabry variant cover, AWA Studios Lisa Y[...]
Rebellion Battle Of Britain Garth Ennis
Promised last year, now coming to fruition, a Battle Of Britain Special with Garth Ennis, Keith Burns, Alex De Campi, Glenn Fabry, Staz Johnson, PJ Holden, Alan Grant, Alan Hebden, Dan Abnett, Rob Williams and many more, celebrating the classic British war comic, Battle, that very much set the space for 2000AD. Garth Ennis & Glenn[...]
The Daily LITG, 24th March 2020 – Happy Birthday Glenn Fabry
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 10 most-read stories yesterday Diamond's Steve Geppi Confirms Closure, No New Comics After This Week "Street Fighter" Cammy Gets Three New Statues from PCS Collectibles Diamond Comic Distributors No Longer Taking In New Comics DC Comics' Printer Closes Tomorrow Diamond Says All Comics For This Wednesday May Be Sold[...]
Bloodshot Icon
The new Bloodshot Icons variants are being done by Dave Johnson (100 Bullets), Glenn Fabry (Preacher), Neal Adams (Green Lantern / Green Arrow), Cully Hamner (Red) and Giuseppe Camuncoli (Superior Spider-Man) The Icon variant will first appear on Bloodshot Savlation #1 by writer Jeff Lemire (Moon Knight) and artists Lewis LaRosa (Bloodshot Reborn) and Mico Suayan[...]
All The Covers To James Bond: VARGR From Dynamite  – Including Jock, Fabry And Francavilla's
Whether that's the original by Dom Reardon. The blank cover for you to scribble on yourself. The 1:10 variant by Francesco Francavilla The 1:20 variant by Stephen Mooney… The 1:30 variant by Dan Panosian…The 1:40 cover by Gabriel Hardman…   The 1:50 cover by Glenn Fabry… The 1:60 cover by … And a retailer exclusive edition with a store logo in the corner, by series[...]
Glenn Fabry Starts A New Sketchbook…
Glenn Fabry: Sketchbook 3! Run by Berserker Comics & Glenn Fabry 18th May – 17th June Andy Brown writes, If the first two certainties in life are death and taxes, the third has got to be art Glenn Fabry: Sketchbook 3 is an up and running Kickstarter project that has the aim of funding a new collection[...]
Glenn Fabry's Take On The Blaze Brothers, For IDW
  Out next month (and probably hitting Final Order Cut-Off pretty shortly) is Glenn Fabry's cover for Blaze Brothers, the new comic from IDW As you can see, it's was prepared some time ago, but gets seen by everyone else for the first time right now. The book is out October 15th… Blaze Brothers, Vol[...]
Preview Of Harbinger: Omegas #1 From Dysart And Sandoval
The aftermath of the big 25th issue of Harbinger starts here with Harbinger: Omegas #1 by Joshua Dysart and Rafa Sandoval. HARBINGER: OMEGAS #1 (of 3) Written by Joshua Dysart Art by Rafa Sandoval Covers by Lewis Larosa, Donovan Santiago and Glenn Fabry "It matters not how man dies, but how he lives." The team has been shattered and a teenage[...]
What Would John Constantine Do?
He also showed my the Glenn Fabry artwork above, for a new project on Kickstarter I asked him to tell me more, and he did… Ian Harvey Stone writes, I've been a geek long, long before it was ever remotely chic or at least OK to be so I spent my youth supping tea in a garage[...]
Glenn Fabry Paints The Kill Shakespeare Board Game
  Here's a look at the IDW Games cover for the Kill Shakespeare board game, painted by Glenn Fabry Apparently they were going to use Dave Dorman but he wasn't available I think they didn't do too badly… And this is how it looks when it's been treated for the cover A Shakespeare filter or something. We haven't[...]
A New Beginning For Rogue Trooper
It's that time of the month when publishers start looking at numbers on books, start punching them into calculators and start sending out previews to sites like Bleeding Cool to give specific titles a little nudge if they might read them. So, retailers, readers, in that light, here are five pages from the first issue of[...]
10 Reasons Why You Should Back The SUPER-EGO Kickstarter Project
We're talking actual art on actual paper that you can frame and hang on your actual walls.  That's ART. 8) Because you, or a brand new hero or villain that you create, will appear in the brand new prologue sequence being created especially for this collection.  That's right – you can cameo and mingle with the[...]