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Marvel Comics
Though Norman Osborn, the current Gold Goblin… …is not entirely down with that. There are other Goblins though, some with similar attitude, such as his grandson Normie. There's the Queen Goblin… There's the Goblin Nation… And the return of the King Goblin, Phil Urich, as well. Sorry, I man Goblin King[...]
Labyrinth Jareth Statue Chronicle 5
It's the Goblin King himself Escape back to the fantasy world of Labyrinth with the world's first officially licensed 1:4 scale statue of Jareth on the Throne! Chronicle Collectibles is delighted to bring forth this astonishing limited edition 1:4 scale statue Capturing David Bowie's likeness down to the tiniest details was a challenge we bestowed upon[...]
Who Is The Goblin King? Superior Spider-Man Speculation
Bleeding Cool's Tom Huxley writes: Last month, I gave you a run-down on odds of who might be the Superior Spider-Man's arch-nemesis, the Goblin King (Go check those panels again, one of them has a huge clue towards the upcoming 'Spider-Verse' event.) With the penultimate issue out today, and two weeks to go until the grand[...]
Who Is The Goblin King In Superior Spider-Man? Tom Huxley Lays Down The Odds
Tom Huxley writes for Bleeding Cool, For the past year, a Green Goblin has stalked the Superior Spider-Man in the form of the Goblin King His identity is one that writer Dan Slott has kept close to his chest throughout the run, leaving fans guessing. In the midst of Goblin Nation, with the end of the series[...]