Jimmy Kimmel: Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat Goes Trump-Stumping for GOP (VIDEO)

So the midterm elections of 2018 are kinda'-sorta' behind us (barring recounts, slow counts, etc.), and there are some positive and negative takeaways from what felt like two years of constant campaigning. The Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, while the GOP solidified their control of the Senate. Some see the elections as […]

Mike Myers / Dr. Evil Visit SNL To Talk Sony Vs #GoP

Mike Myers returned to Saturday Night Live last night for the cold opening where he pulled out the skull cap and hairless cat once again as Dr. Evil took Sony and the North Korean government to school on being evil. Plus the inevitable Love Guru joke. There has been some decent stuff coming out of SNL […]

Sony Hacked By GOP – Fury, Annie And More Released On-Line

On Monday, a group calling itself the Guardians of Peace (or GOP) hacked into Sony's internal network and froze all their computers with a screen saying: "Hacked by #GOP" and a ticking clock for Sony to meet their demands before sensitive data was released to the world. Over the holiday a number of the companies watermarked […]