Canada Gets Its Very Own Rob Granito

Canada Gets Its Very Own Rob Granito

Bleeding Cool readers noticed one exhibitor at the Edmonton Expo in September, Lost Droid Arts featuring "original" oil paintings. and prints of said paintings of  variety of comic book-styled artwork in various styles that one artist could not have done. He recognized what he was sure was a Sal Buscema Hulk, a Bruce Timm Poison […]

The Thirteenth (Mostly) Annual Rumour Awards 2014

And, again, cushioned well by Marvel.Winner: Joshua Hale Fialkov. Swipe Of The Year Scooping the news on Nate Stemen as he became our official Rob Granito of 2013 gave us so many swipes to choose from in the original article... and the resulting follow-ups until his apology. There were similar problems with eBay artist Damien Bowie seeking inspiration[...]

Mike Young &#8211 The Rob Granito Of 2013 &#8211 At Buffalo Comic Con

Mike Young – The Rob Granito Of 2013 – At Buffalo Comic Con

but I think this fellow just pips him to the post for the Rob Granito of 2013.Jeff Watkins from Syracuse, NY, owner of Cloud City Comics and Toys has been in touch This is a photograph he took at Buffalo Comic Con this weekend of Mike Young, exhibitor and artist at the show He tells[...]

More From The Files Of Nate Stemen Our New Rob Granito

More From The Files Of Nate Stemen, Our New Rob Granito

Earlier today, we ran the curious case of Nate Steman swiping work of Charles Holbert Jr, and selling them at recent comic conventions. Nate hasn't replied to emails… However there are still some "giveaways". Such as this piece by Dave of FrostDusk Studios; And this piece for sale by Nate Stemen. Or this piece by […]

Who Wants To Be Rob Granito

Who Wants To Be Rob Granito?

Jonathan Glapion posted on Facebook; Will someone please explain, how could this possibly be a commission? I'm going to try not to jump the gun and go all fucking King Kong. Maybe he is miss using the word "commission" and means gift. but by my definition commission would suggest someone paid for this ink recreation. […]

Seth Reedy &#8211 A New Rob Granito For 2012

Seth Reedy – A New Rob Granito For 2012?

Seth Reedy is a comic book artist. Ish. He makes himself available for work and promotes himself readily online, taking comissions and tattoo work. But some of his examples seem a little… familiar. Yet he claims all the credit for himself. Sounds familiar? His work seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to the art of […]

Sean King &#8211 The Rob Granito Of Britain

Sean King – The Rob Granito Of Britain

But many have no way of cobjecting or getting recompense.Is Sean is asking who owns the copyright of all the images, the easiest answer is "not you".So what happens now? Well, social and industry pressure drove Rob Granito out of the convention business If you are interested in expressing your opinion to the London And[...]

More From The British Rob Granito

More From The British Rob Granito

More from the British Rob Granito, exhibiting at comic conventions across the UK.. and the deviantArt he appears to be swiping then selling as prints...Once again, thanks to Donna Evans for coordinating lots of this...Original art from Ryan, Justine Lerma, Eduardo Vieira, Joe Jusko,    Original art from Walter O'Neil, Lora Zombie and David Rapoza,[...]

The British Rob Granito

The British Rob Granito?

Over the last couple of weeks there has been growing irritation, annoyance and indeed anger about an individual who is being dubbed by some as the British Rob Granito.An unnamed individual exhibiting at a number of British comic conventions, including Birmingham Comics Expo, Kapow and London MCM, who sells prints of copyrighted characters Nothing unusual[...]

The Swedish Rob Granito

The Swedish Rob Granito?

These pieces are the artists interpretation of the once original ink and pen artwork by  such amazing artists like Joe Jusko, Ron Garney, Tom Grummet, John Romita, Brian Bolland, Frank Frazetta, Alex Horley, Billy Tucci, Mark Sparacio and indeed many other great comic artists."Profound credits must therefore go to all the great artists and creators[...]

Will You Sign The Petition For Rob Granito To Come Back To Comic Cons

Will You Sign The Petition For Rob Granito To Come Back To Comic Cons?

So this petition recently went up on iPetitions. Rob Granito, a hard working artist and family man, made some unwitting mistakes doing tribute art and was buried in the comics tabloid media Rob admits to his mistakes, and wants a chances to make amends and return to the industry he loves so much: the world of[...]

Meet Nicholas Mowdy AKA Snickers19510 An Aspiring Artist Rob Granito-Style

Meet Nicholas Mowdy, AKA Snickers19510, An Aspiring Artist, Rob Granito-Style

It's hilarious that he can't even get the media I use correct. Maybe this is a one-off though, and he's not doing the full Granito, right?Nope.We have this sketch of Bane and Batman that looks pretty sweet.However, it looked a lot better on Zenescope Entertainment artist Marcio Abreu's deviantART page.Then there is this Joker piece.That happens[...]

Those Latest Rob Granito Swipes

Those Latest Rob Granito Swipes

You know when you've been Granitoed Such as Rob's Nightmare Before Christmas prints he's signing on eBay...That bear some resemblance to the following works somehow without his signature.At least the Harley Quinn images, albeit it traced from the Bruce Timm originals, seem to show some kind of transformative  decisions.Of course that just leaves Rob[...]

The Return Of Rob Granito

The Return Of Rob Granito

So, what is Rob Granito up to? The art swiper and biographer bloater came to fame after a number of Bleeding Cool articles saw him confronted at conventions and eventually hounded off the internet.We haven't heard anything about his publishing plans with famed scammer Josh Hoopes that seriously sounded like someone was just inventing stories[...]

Is Joe Lieberman's Nephew The New Rob Granito?

Chad Love Lieberman is a bit of a hanger on. He is a New York DJ and rap star. He insured his testicles for $1,400,000. He hangs out with Paris Hilton (maybe those two facts are related) He's been accredited by the Museum of Modern Art. His artwork sells for tens of thousands. According to […]

And Finally – Rob Granito Records Song Inspires Another Song And A New Lawsuit

And Finally – Rob Granito Records Song, Inspires Another Song And A New Lawsuit

A few days ago, Rob Granito launched a YouTube channel with a song of his, entitled Don't Judge Him He's now made the song private-viewers only after the massively negative response it had from internet commentators, then closed his account.Thankfully the song got saved and uploaded elsewhere, thanks to the efforts of one Ken Oakley[...]

Rob Granito Relaunch: 14 New Comic Titles With Josh Hoopes

Rob Granito is creating a new line of comic books under the name Bad Boy Comics with his.. creative partner Josh Hoopes But not quite yet His wife Alison tells me "rather than self-publish a comic outright, Rob and his partner are going to make some prints showcasing the many characters and storylines they are[...]